Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Hitlery’s Surprise Edition!

Jerry Mander

Old Hitlery is “Surprised Small Business Growth Has Stalled”

Hitlery Surprised Small Business Growth Stalled Just when you thought Hitlery couldn’t possibly be *more* out of touch…

By Kemberlee Kaye

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton should read the newspapers like the current White House occupant, then she might find her self a bit more informed about the goings on in the country she hopes to rule run.

Speaking in Keene, New Hampshire yesterday, Hillary said:

“From my perspective, I want to be sure that we get small businesses starting and growing in America again. We have stalled out. I was very surprised to see that when I began to dig into it. Because people were telling me this as I travelled around the country the last two years, but I didn’t know what they were saying and it turns out, we’re not producing as many small businesses as we used to, and a recent world study said that we are forty-sixth in the world in the difficulty to start a small business. And we’ll get into some of those.”

Fate of Small Business Under Obama

What a fabulously elite life Hitlery must lead if she’s only now discovering the plight of the plebes.

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More News You Can Use, Courtesy of “B-Squared” who forwarded these:

Hitlery Bewildered







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A.F. Branco’s Logo for Hitlery:

Hitlery's Middle Class Logo

Branco shows us that Hitlery is a real cereal killer:

Hitlery is a cereal killer

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Now comes Michael Ramirez:

Obama hates America

Media declares Hitlery the winner

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… and now, in closing, an update on Racism in America:


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