Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – “Climate Change” Edition

Jerry Mander


… speaking of radical muslims:


… and now, joining us is …
Albert, Prince of Dorkness, the Gorecal of Doom 

Gorecal of Doom

… who “graces” the cover of
Prof. Steven Hayward’s book on the “Climate Change” scam:

Gore's Junk Science

… speaking of junk science …



… which connects us to …


Cape Cod Global Warming

… no matter what Obama says about “Climate Change” …


… which reminds us of this question …

God and Obama

… which brings us to these:

Obama Self-Portrait

Already Have a God

•    •    •    •

Applies equally to 3M* and to Old Hitlery:
* 3M: The Marxist Muslim Mulatto a.k.a. Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Liar… Day-um good idea …


… speaking of liars …

Hitlery Lied

So I lied

… Continuing now with our (almost) daily dose of bashing Old Hitlery:

Old Hitlery Launches Her 2024 Presidential Bid!


… how exciting!

Exciting Hitlery

… More News You Can Use about Old Hitlery …


Dirty Hitlery

… we turn our attention now to BJ …

Server Went Down

… who peers into the locker room …


… and we close with …
Driving Miss Hitlery

Driving Miss Hitlery

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  1. Every season I believe in climate change! Unless I am in Hawaii, then I enjoy the not much, climate change.


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