Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Bashing Bush Edition

Jerry Mander

JebClinton Card


Schizo Bush

Bush Family Tree

Common Core

Jeb El Presidente

Jeb: Dems Pick for GOP

… and now, we’ll take a couple of swipes at Old Hitlery:

Hitlery lies


Nancy P. Lousy: Separated at Birth

nancy and her donkeys_thumb[1]

… and then there’s John F’n Kerry and the Obama EPA:

Kerry EPA

… next up: Moochelle:

Mooch: You Owe Me

… and, in closing, a potshot at The Donald:

Trump We Shall Overcomb


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  1. Jeb was our governor, He did a good job here. I realize he is the old guard to a point, but if he is the nominee he will get my vote, I am tired of Obamb and Hillary. So I will take the best chance to beat Hillary and that will be the GOP nominee, So if he is it, he gets my vote, just like Mitt. I will not waste my vote on an independent again, I voted and supported PEROT and threw a vote away. if the GOP nominees do not kill each other off before the election. .Which is a distinct possibility I will most likely vote GOP


  2. Me to Jack.

    cheers, parsnip


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