Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Brain Scan of a Librul Edition

Jerry Mander

Hat tip to “B-Squared” for the image of the Librul’s ® DNC brain scan and many other images used in today’s post.

Brain scan of a Librul

… which brings us to …

Librul blindfold

which, in turn, connects us to …

• Frankie’s a Democrat


speaking of “free” …


•    •    •    •

…  Wrapping up the July 4th Holiday …

• What Are We Celebrating?


… which brings us to 

• Flags


ban it


Racist Flag

Confederate Flag

Compare & Contrast the image above and the image below:
And you call the Confederate Battle Flag offensive?


… now that segues to …


Then and now …


… and that brings us to 


•     •     •     •

Facts You Need About the Democrats


Illegals voting DemocratDescribes Mushhead McConnell & Bonehead Boehner: 

You still don't get it

speaking of Mushhead McConnell ...

Mushhead McConnell NASCAR

•     •     •     •

Separated at Birth: Old Hitlery & Marie Barf Harf

Old HitleryMarie Barf

•     •     •     •
Old Hitlery’s Portrait

(Hat tip: “A. Nonymous”)

Hitlery Portrait

•    •    •    •

Ramirez Sanders

…  and now, in closing


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  1. I am hoping the trees will grow the Forest Service plants. They will sure have enough fertilizer.


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