Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Going Nuculure Edition

Jerry Mander

Hat tip: “Hope ‘n Change:”

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 6.15.16 AM

Read and weep:

The Suspense Is Over: Iran Will Get The Bomb

Obama Announces Iran Deal, Says Bye-Bye to Western Civ

Left Behind: Iran Deal Struck Without Release of American Hostages

American Hostages in IranLeft behind: American hostages held in Iran.
The craven Obama wanted his Iran “deal” so badly, he didn’t demand the release of these four Americans.

NEW Petition Calling For The Rejection of Iran Deal & the Release of Pr. Saeed Abedini – PLEASE SIGN

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Michael Ramirez:






Branco’s view of Obama’s “sanctuaries:”

Branco/Sanctuary Cities

Surprise! Homeland Security Chief Doesn’t Know Who Kate Steinle Was
Kate Steinle was unavailable for comment

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