Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – New Senate Majority Same As Old Senate Majority Edition

Jerry Mander


Mendacious Mitch & Dirty Harry: Not a dime’s worth of difference between their “leadership” styles.
The “new” Senate majority: Same as the old Senate majority.

The actions of Senate Republican Leaders on Sunday were further proof that our country is not governed by two opposing parties, but rather a single liberal establishment that advances Washington’s priorities, the Permanent Bi-Partisan Fusion Party.

First, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell helped Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats pass an amendment that reauthorizes the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) to reward the lobbyists on K Street – after Mendacious McConnell told Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans there was no deal to do so.

Then, McConnell helped Reid block a vote on an amendment offered by Senator Cruz that would have prevented lifting sanctions on Iran unless and until Iran recognizes Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and unless and until Iran releases American hostages.

And if this weren’t bad enough, McConnell also helped Reid block a vote on an amendment offered by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) that would have defunded Planned Parenthood so taxpayers wouldn’t be forced to fund their abortions.

It was a very sad day for our country.

These two so-called leaders colluded to advance the interests of their corporate cronies instead of working to protect this nation from terrorists and to protect unborn children from being killed for profit.

And later today, they will work together to block a simple majority vote on an amendment to repeal Obamacare!!



If you’ve had enough of this, make your voice heard today.

Please call the Republicans in the Senate and express your frustration with Senator McConnell and the leadership of the Republican Party.

Click HERE for a full list of all 54 Senate Republicans.

Mendacious McConnell’s office isn’t accepting phone calls.

You must e-mail him.

Americans elected a Republican majority in the Senate last year because they believed it would be different than the Democratic majority. Unfortunately, they were lied to and the new Senate is the same as the old Senate.

Since getting elected the majority, Senate Republicans have passed a trillion-dollar “cromnibus” spending bill, voted to fund Obamacare, voted to fund executive amnesty, voted to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, and voted to save the corporate welfare program known as the Export-Import Bank.

When you call the Republican senators, it’s important to make several points:
They need to know that you’re upset and feel betrayed. You supported Republicans last year to stop the president’s liberal agenda, not to fast track it through the Senate.

They need to know that you’re not fooled when they pretend to be conservative by holding show votes that are going to fail. If they were serious, they would reclaim the power of the purse and add conservative reforms to must-pass bills.

They need to know that they can’t count on your money or your vote until they change their ways. They don’t work for Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid; they work for you!

What happened on the Senate floor yesterday was a sad, yet clarifying, moment. It’s why it’s so important for these senators to hear from you today.

Nothing in DC will change until Senator McConnell and his constant capitulation become a liability for the other Senate Republicans.

They’re in a bubble and they’re not paying attention. Let’s wake them up and make them listen.

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McConnell lied

To borrow a line from The Donald:

You're fired! (1)

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  1. here is hoping there is a crack in the system causing a flow of truth….


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