Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – 20 Things I Trust More Than Old Hitlery Edition

Jerry Mander

Old Hitlery

Hat tip: “B-Squared” for providing this list of …

20 Things I Trust More Than Old Hitlery ® DNC

OLD Hitlery

20. Mexican tap water

19. A porcupine with a “pet me” sign

18. Alien abduction stories

17. A fart while fighting the flu

16. Black Ice

15. The ingredients in a hotdog

14. A Bigfoot sighting

13. A Hillary Clinton war story reported by Brian Williams

12. Gas station sushi

11. Jimmy Carter, with the economy

10. A Palestinian on a motorcycle

9. Pete Carroll coaching decisions

8. Eating an apple from an orchard at Fukushima reactor #4

7. Hitching a ride from a guy in a goalie mask

6. Taking pills or a drink offered by Bill Cosby

5. An elevator ride with Ray Rice

4. Nancy Pelosi’s grip on reality

3. Jerry Sandusky as a Boy Scout leader

2. Bill Clinton, with my teenage daughter

and now …

… and NOW, the #1 Thing I Trust More Than Old Hitlery:
1. Barney Frank in the shower asking you to pick up the bar of soap

•     •     •    •

More on Old Hitlery ® DNC

Old Hitlery II

Hitlery FBI HitleryTalents

The Clinton Crime Family Foundation Tax Return:

Clinton tax return

•    •    •    •

• Kate Steinle was not available for comment:


… which brings us to …


• Librulism ® DNC is a disease:

Librulism is a disease


• The difference between a Librul ® DNC and a Conservative:


first step

… and a good place to start would be here:

Leader of the Free World

The Defender of the Free World In Action!
(Hat tip: “Chris-to-Fear”)

3M fake photo op

•    •    •    •

The Trumpster:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 3.31.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 3.32.04 PM

• How to make the Permanent Bi-Partisan Fusion Party Establishment’s collective head explode:



•    •    •    •

Nuclear Iran

Monitor nukes

… and now, in closing:


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  1. Very good entry, lots of truth here.
    From Colorado Springs….


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