Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up, Old Hitlery’s Bathroom Server Edition

Jerry Mander

Hat tip to “B-Squared.”

Rush Limbaugh Lampoons Hillary’s Bathroom Server


By Joe Kovacs at WorldNetDaily

With Tuesday’s revelation that Hillary Clinton’s private email account was run from a Denver loft apartment with its servers in a bathroom closet, the Democratic Party candidate for president is suddenly aflush with all sorts of toilet humor.

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh recounted how the former first lady “had Secret Service agents guarding a bathroom. She told us that Secret Service agents were guarding her server 24/7. You can smell the stench of this a mile away, folks. A Mile High away!”

Limbaugh said Hillary herself is now “becoming bathroom humor,” with the jokes writing themselves, as he proffered numerous one-liners, including:

Hillary’s dump of emails is so big, we need a plunger.

Those who said Hillary didn’t give a crap about national security were dead wrong.

Hillary on the server controversy: “I ain’t no ways turd!”

Code name for her server wipe: Ty-D-Bol.

Just wiping the server [is now] bathroom humor.

Now that her server’s been found in a bathroom, when Hillary says she’s getting to the bottom of this, it takes on a whole new meaning.

And you have to wonder, if the American people won’t take this standing up or sitting down.

Given the latest news on Hillary’s server in a bathroom, her campaign’s now officially circling the drain.

Reports are that Mrs. Clinton’s server was wiped multiple times a day, and a bidet was also used for good measure.

When asked about Hillary’s email scandal, Bill Clinton candidly confessed: “Ain’t no way to polish this turd. … I have never seen Hillary so pi–ed off in my life before.”

Limbaugh concluded: “I hate to ask … where she stuck the thumb drive.”

Some WND readers are also getting in on the comedy, noting:

“A crappy situation, indeed.”

“First, we kept hearing her server was in her house in Chappaqua. Now, it was kept in a bathroom closet in Denver. What is the straight poop?”

“In a ‘bathroom closet’? Sounds like the ‘Plumbers’ were involved in this one as well.”

“Oh weeee!!! Hillary and her servers are coming out of the closet.”


EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s email firm was run from a loft apartment with its servers in the BATHROOM, raising new questions over security of sensitive messages she held.

EXCLUSIVE: Top executive at Hillary’s server company was sued for ‘fraud’ after ‘receiving proceeds’ from $500m Ponzi scheme run by Backstreet Boys impresario


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Dixon Diaz’s Boombox

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  1. The Flush is in compliant with the new plumbing requirement. One gallon a flush.
    I will travel to see that Cat Jump!!!!


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