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Actress Ellen Page gets grilled in LGBT debate with Ted Cruz at Iowa State Fair


Cruz comes out swinging in defense of religious liberty when confronted by this Leftist “Actress” who is a citizen of Canada.

Actress Ellen Page confronts Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair on Friday Aug. 21, 2015. According to an ABC News report, the "Juno" star came up to Cruz as he was grilling pork chops and asked him about discrimination against gay people in the workplace. Cruz responded that Christians were being persecuted for "living according to their faith." (Todd J. Gillman/The Dallas Morning News via AP)
Actress Ellen Page confronts Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair on Friday Aug. 21, 2015. According to an ABC News report, the “Juno” star came up to Cruz as he was grilling pork chops and asked him about discrimination against gay people in the workplace. Cruz responded that Christians were being persecuted for “living according to their faith.” (Todd J. Gillman/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

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On Friday, actress Ellen Page decided to go one-on-one with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, while the GOP candidate was grilling pork chops at the Iowa State Fair. Page wanted to confront Cruz on the issue of gay rights, but ended up getting grilled by the Texas Republican, known for his debating ability.

The crux of Page’s argument was that gays are afraid that Christians are going to take away their rights. She cited segregation and the women’s suffrage movement, implying that Christians supported both segregation and denying women the right to vote. She also asked Cruz about LGBT people she claims are “being fired for just strictly being gay or trans.” Page, however, offered absolutely no examples to back up her claim, and simply said that it is “totally legal” in some states.

Cruz responded by offering a history lesson, telling Page that it was Christians who led the effort to end slavery and Jim Crow, citing Rev. Martin Luther King. He further told her that no one has the right to force anyone into abandoning their faith after she made the facetious claim that Christians were somehow prepared to use their Bibles to deny gay people their rights.

“We’re seeing Bible-believing Christians being persecuted for living according to their faith,” he told Page. She responded by claiming that is because they are “discriminating against LGBT people.”

“No, for living according to their faith,” Cruz said, pork chop in hand. He began to give Page an example, but it was clear she was not interested in hearing what he had to say. He finally told her that he was not interested in a “back and forth debate,” but that’s what happened anyway.

He noted the case of an Iowa couple who refused to hold a gay wedding ceremony in a church they owned. As a result of legal action against them, the couple quit performing marriages and closed shop.

“Imagine, hypothetically, that you had a gay florist and two evangelical Christians wanted to get married, and the gay florist decided, ‘You know what? I disagree with your faith and I don’t want to provide flowers,'” he said. Page responded: “I would say they should provide the flowers.” Cruz then gave Page a lecture on how liberals claim to be “tolerant” but refuse to tolerate any idea they disagree with, especially if that idea is based on teachings found in the Bible.

She told Cruz that “gay people used to be thrown in jail” and that “we’ve come a long way.” But he was ready for that as well, asking her if she knows where gays are being persecuted right now. Page said “all over the world.”

Cruz, once again, schooled Page, telling her that gays are being put to death in places like the Islamic State and Iran. “And on the left you hear complete silence about Iran hanging homosexuals,” he said. Meanwhile, he added, the Obama administration is sending “millions of dollars” to the regime.

While some on the left thought Page got the upper hand, Twitchy said it was “Ted Cruz for the win.” Many on Twitter and YouTube agreed.

“Who lied to Ellen Page and told her it was a good idea to try to debate Ted Cruz?” asked Jason Mattera. “It wasn’t really a debate,” one person said in response. “It was Ellen toeing LGBT lines and realizing they didn’t really hold up under scrutiny.”

“She’s a Hollywood actress,” another person told Mattera. “[S]he thinks she’s smarter than she really is.” Steven Crowder said Page makes him “ashamed to be Canadian.” Similar comments were found at YouTube.

“It’s really time to face facts,” one person said. “Gay rights is turning into fascism. What started out as ‘we want to live our private lives in peace’ has turned into a debate on how to get the entire public square to conform and cater to them. No one group has anywhere near this much influence.”

Another viewer said Page “basically got floored here by Cruz who is 100% right.” Another commenter remarked that Page is “living in the past. All her examples are from decades and centuries ago. Ted is talking about persecution happening TODAY.”

Oddly enough, it was Cruz who found common ground with Page at the end of the discussion, which can be seen in the video above. Page, on the other hand, was unwilling to agree with Cruz about anything and ended up walking away.

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  1. On the political scene there is NEVER a DEBATE. Only each side stating their beliefs and sticking to it. Amazing what charities GIVE and which ones TAKE!!!!


  2. Amazing post today.

    cheers, parsnip


  3. christofear 26/08/2015 — 18:16

    I heard the exchange on the Wilkow Majority radio show. It was interesting. I think that Ted would have been able to win that debate while blind drunk.


  4. Cruz is a skilled debater. He is fearless, he doesn’t flinch and he doesn’t lose his cool.


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