Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Everything Wrong With California In One Photo Edition

Jerry Mander


Everything Wrong With California In One Photo

California Gas Prices

Gas prices at the Chevron near Steven Hayward’s home.

By Steven Hayward at PowerLine

Nationwide gasoline prices are below $3 a gallon. But here in California it is not unusual to see prices still over $4 a gallon. So what do liberals here want to do? Pass a law that mandates reducing gasoline consumption by 50 percent by the year 2030—just 15 years from now.

This proved too much even for some Democrats—the ones who represent actual poor and (previously) working people in the Central Valley, unlike the West LA and Silicon Valley and San Francisco Democrats who represent smug rich people who drive Teslas. These old-style Democrats said they would not vote for the bill. I’ll bet they won’t get invited to Oscar after-parties next year.

Sponsors of the bill could not say how a 50% reduction in gasoline consumption would be accomplished. Higher prices? Rationing? Mandates that we all drive Teslas and Priuses? Even an economic illiterate could figure out that at the very least it would mean higher gasoline prices for people who cannot afford Teslas. California already has the highest gasoline prices in the continental U.S. because of stupid and obsolete reformulated fuel regulations.

So Gov. Jerry Brown killed this part of the bill. But in typical Obama fashion, he says he will pursue the same goal with administrative regulations through the Air Resources Board.

At least he vetoed a bill that would have effectively outlawed Power Line’s drone air force. If he’d signed that, I’d have launched an all out air attack.

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Prius gas


Kill your Prius

Hunting Prius

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.42.32 AM

Prius fast lane

Prius tampon

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.32.00 AM

Typical Prius Owner


Vandalized Prius

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  1. Proving beyond a doubt, California is weird!


  2. Prius drivers are so beyond despicable rude, annoying, infuriating. maddening and OBNOXIOUS !
    I drove behind one who straddled the line that you could not pass. I was in the Berkley triangle at the time.
    Have been thinking of getting one for my daughter but the way prius owners drive I can’t do it ! ! !
    Although the ones here in Arizona are better than in California. But then we have lots of Snow Birds who drive awful here in the winter so I am not sure if is a complement.

    cheers, parsnip


  3. chris houck 16/09/2015 — 09:29

    An annoying vehicle for annoying people who get excited about the next new smart phone release.


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