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GOP Organizations In NC Support Meadows’ Effort To Remove Boehner

Boozin' Boehner

Congressman Mark Meadows’ efforts to remove Rep. John Boehner as Speaker of the House are getting support from party officials in North Carolina, as two Republican Congressional District party organizations at the opposite end of the state from Meadows’ district overwhelmingly endorsed his efforts. The resolution is being circulated to other GOP congressional district organizations and is expected to gather additional support.

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UPDATE: The resolution has now also been passed either by overwhelming or unanimous vote in the 5th, 6th, and 11th Congressional Districts by their respective Republican Executive Committees. Those districts are represented by Rep. Virginia Foxx, Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) 83% , and Mark Meadows. It is scheduled to be brought to several other districts. No district has rejected it. So far, this is five out of the thirteen NC Congressional districts whose GOP executive committees have called for the removal of Boehner.

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The resolutions, identical except in identification of the district organization adopting it, states that ”the Republican Executive Committee of North Carolina Congressional District # supports Rep. Mark Meadows’ effort to remove Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% from his position as Speaker of the House”.

The resolution originated with the Third Congressional District party organization, which adopted it with only one dissenting vote, and has also been adopted by the First Congressional District party, where it passed unanimously. Republican District Executive Committees in North Carolina are composed of the district party officers, ten to fifteen at large members and the county party chairman and vice chairman of each county wholly or partially in the district. The 3rd district contains nine whole counties and twelve partial counties while the 1st is composed of five whole counties and seventeen partial counties.

The 3rd district is represented by Congressman Rep. Walter Jones, who came out early in support of Meadows’ effort. The Washington establishment spent a million dollars in the primary in 2014 to attempt to unseat Jones and replace him with a carpetbagger from K Street. The same beltway establishment challenger has announced he will make another try in 2016, and this resolution shows that the party apparatus in the district is not very fond of Boehner and his boys and thus should not be fertile grounds for that challenge. In the latest HAFA rating, Jones ranked as the most conservative member of the NC delegation.


GOP Push Against Boehner’s Leadership Reaches Critical Number

By Matthew Boyle at Breitbart

Twenty-nine Republican legislators now oppose House Speaker Rep. John Boehner’s re-election, so Breitbart News can confirm he can only continue as the leader if Democrats vote for him or if he pulls some spectacular maneuver.

Before this report, there were 28 GOP members publicly opposed to Boehner’s re-election. Twenty-five of them voted against Boehner at the beginning of the Congress, and three more have come out in public since.

The additional conservative House member—who at this time wishes not to be publicly named for leverage purposes in forthcoming negotiations with leadership—has confirmed that if and when a vote on Boehner’s future comes up this fall, he will vote against Boehner’s retention.

The number of votes against Boehner “is easily into the 30s, and could well be into the 40s or even up to 50,” the GOP member said. “I think the votes are there.”

“I stand with virtually everyone in the Freedom Caucus and many outside the Freedom Caucus, which is if a vote to vacate the chair ever came up I’d have to vote for it,” the Republican member, who is very connected in the conference and will probably bring several more votes with him, told Breitbart News in an interview.

“There’s just too much frustration with the Speaker. The Speaker has not done his job. He doesn’t fight for the principles we think are important. Our constituents are very frustrated.”
… read the whole thing HERE.

Call Boehner’s office and tell the bonehead to resign: (202) 225-6205

Write your Congresscritter and ask them to support Meadows’ Motion to Vacate the Speaker’s Chair.

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Missing leadership

Egging Boehner On





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Dumping on Netanyahu

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