Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Leader of the World Edition

Jerry Mander

The Leader of the Free World:

Putin steps in while Obama is OTL


Obama pussy

Scary Fairy

Putin Obama handshake

Secret Handshake

Pope Climate Change
Mine or yours?


pope vs. jesus

…  And now, News about Old Hitlery ® DNC:  …

Old Hitlery


Hitlery's e-mails

Another example of why they call her “the PIAPS*:”
* The PIAPS: Pig In A Pants Suit


More News You Can Use:

richards-planned parenthood-testimony


and now, in closing:

Don't tell me Islam is normal


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  1. Good entry. AGree the LAST picture is not normal…..


  2. I personally agree with Putin on Syria. We MUST work with the present leader if we are going to accomplish something. Then worry about another agenda later!!! Using your term Syria is a Circular firing squad…


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