Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Ryan Announces Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Will Be His Chief of Staff

Jerry Mander


Unreal – Paul Ryan Announces Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist
Will Be His Chief of Staff

By “Sundance” at The Conservative Tree House

With this announcement representative Paul Ryan is openly announcing his intention to destroy the conservative elements within the Republican Party. And yet again, its doubtful anyone will try to stop him.

The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue*, recently announced his intentions to eliminate opposition to their progressive big government positions and destroy fiscal conservatives (Tea Party).

Tom Donohue demands:
♦ approval of the TPP trade deal
♦ continuation of ObamaCare
♦ comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty
♦ federal education Common Core education standards.

Previously we explained how deep the tentacles of the CoC reach within the Republican party – SEE HERE.

Now today, to put the cherry on the cake, Paul Ryan announces he will appoint Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist David Hoppe as his Chief of Staff as Speaker of the House.

WASHINGTON DC – As he builds support for his bid for speaker of the House, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan has announced he will name as his top aide a longtime corporate lobbyist whose past clients have significant business before Congress.

The Washington Post reported if he wins the speaker’s job, Ryan will name as his chief of staff registered lobbyist David Hoppe, a former aide to Sens. Trent Lott and John Kyl. The announcement comes a decade after congressional Republicans’ so-called K Street Project, which sought to bring lobbyists closer to the Republican policymaking machine, resulted in federal indictments.

Federal records show since 2010, Hoppe has lobbied for major financial industry interests such as insurance giant MetLife, the National Venture Capital Association and Zurich Financial Services. He has also lobbied for investment firm BlackRock, which could be affected by efforts to change federal financial regulations and which could benefit from a recent proposal to shift military pension money into a federal savings plan managed in part by the Wall Street giant. And Hoppe has lobbied for Cayman Finance, whose business “promot[ing] the development of the Cayman Islands financial services industry” could be affected by legislation to crack down on offshore tax havens. (read more)Money changing hands

* Tom Donahue’s family was one of the founders of the notorious Democrat machine Tammany Hall

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Action board

Contact Congress: Tell them NO! to Ryan!

Especially contact the House Freedom Caucus:

Jim Jordan, Chairman (202) 225-2676 (Does not accept e-mail from outside of his District.)

Other Freedom Caucus members listed HERE

Contact Ryan and tell him “Not only NO, but HELL NO!” (202) 225-3031

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  1. I am beginning to believe no one is acceptable for any position in the GOP (who is worth a crap!) JMHO

    I am getting ready for Hillary.

    Maybe in 30 years someone will unite this party. We are so fragmented with everyone wanting ‘THEIR WAY’ maybe the third party is next!


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