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The Case for Meat

“One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables”
R O M A N S 14:2

By Steven Hayward at Power Line

Have you heard the one about how you can tell someone is a vegan? Answer: Because they’ll f****** tell you. Sounds about right. Meanwhile: why should you eat meat? Don’t just answer with the obvious and self-evident truth: Because it really tastes great—especially grilled!

Turns out eating meat may be essential for your mental health. From Women’s Health Magazine (just to show there’s no limit to Power Line’s efforts to bring you all the important news you can use):

Scary Mental Health Risks of Going Meatless

By Jill Waldbieser

More and more women are vegging out…of their minds. New research suggests that along with shedding pounds, slashing cancer risk, and boosting life expectancy, vegetarianism could come with lesser-known side effects: Panic attacks. OCD. Depression. . .

It’s tough to argue with the science—and with a movement that’s been endorsed by everyone from Gandhi to Beyonce. And it’s natural to assume that peak mental health and a perpetually blissed-out attitude are just two more side effects of the glowing vegetarian lifestyle.

So it was startling last year when Australian researchers revealed that vegetarians reported being less optimistic about the future than meat eaters. What’s more, they were 18 percent more likely to report depression and 28 percent more likely to suffer panic attacks and anxiety. A separate German study backs this up, finding that vegetarians were 15 percent more prone to depressive conditions and twice as likely to suffer anxiety disorders.

This explains a lot in my experience. Meanwhile, glad I’m planning my usual Saturday fare of grilled steak. And heart medicine red wine. You can’t be too careful about your mental health.



An Idea Whose Time Has Come
(Hat tip: “B-Squared”)





Look-alike veggies



Vegetarian hummus



Lettuce died so you could be vegetarian




Dear Vegetarians

vegetarians arguing

and now, in closing:

Loaves & fishes, vegan style


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  1. I love vegetables along with my steak!

    Love the Bell peppers!

    Fun entry!


  2. chris houck 10/12/2015 — 09:10

    What’s the difference between a Vegetarian and a progressive Vegetarian?

    The Vegetarian doesn’t eat meat
    The progressive Vegetarian doesn’t want YOU to eat meat.


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