Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – A Young Muslim Gets A Head

Jerry Mander

Young Muslim gets a head

This is exactly what it looks like: this young muslim boy has beheaded a man and is showing off his “trophy” while pictures are taken and he is cheerd for his feat.

Another Day, Another Terrorist Plot

By John Hinderaker at Power Line

This time it is in Geneva, Switzerland, where authorities have arrested two men of “Syrian provenance” and charged them with the manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives or toxic gases. The men are suspected to be associated in some way with ISIS, and may also be linked to last month’s Paris attacks. Police said they found traces of explosives in a car used by the two men.

The arrests reportedly followed terrorist chatter that referred to attacks on Geneva, Chicago and Toronto.

Of course, none of this suggests that it might be a poor idea to import thousands of Syrian “refugees.” Just ask Angela Merkel, Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

ISIS Beheads Five Russians


Merkel muslim

What Merkel hath wrought:

What Merkel hath wrought


Muslim with a head

Obama Foreign Policy Poster Girl

Don't worry - fully vetted

If you see something


Bin Laden's driver

Branco/Gitmo/terrorist recruiting


Ramirez/Islam/Obama/Gun Laws









Homegrown ISIS


… and now, in closing:

How stupid?

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