Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Against Trump

Jerry Mander

NR - Against Trump

Steven Hayward joins 21 others in National Review’s broadside


“After Obama — after three generations of liberalism only slightly interrupted by the Reagan years — the conservative president we desperately need requires a paradoxical combination of boldness and restraint. The president will need to be bold in challenging the runaway power and reach of his own branch, against the fury of the bureaucracy itself, its client groups, and the media. This boldness is necessary to restore the restraint that a republican executive should have in our constitutional order.

Trump exhibits no awareness of this supreme constitutional task. His facially worthy challenge to political correctness is not a sufficient governing platform. Worse, his inclination to understand our problems as being managerial rather than political suggests he might well set back the conservative cause if he is elected, if not make the problems of runaway executive power even worse. Restraint is clearly not in his vocabulary or his character.”

• Mark Steyn: “Witless Ape: The Director’s Cut”
• Breitbart: “Why We Lose – National Review Launches Victorian-era Attack On Donald Trump”


Steven Hayward’s




Fishing' with Bernie

Hitlery's lawless legacy

Hitlery Benghazi Movie

Hitlery/Williams combat vets

BJ - It's not rape

Obama Marine Uniform

… and now, in closing (with a tip of the hat to “B-Squared” for many of today’s images):

LeMay-kill enough of them


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  1. Some of the names against Trump I respect. Trump is definitely not my pick for president, but neither is Bernie or the Hillary girl.
    Unless some independent or libertarian shows a small sign of WINNING I will vote for the GOP (er). I hate it when There is no clear .knight on a white horse’. I dream of a vote one day that I am not choosing the ‘lesser of two evils (or idiots).


  2. @Jack said everything better than I could have !

    cheers, parsnip


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