Jerry Mander – Super Cruz Day!

Jerry Mander


Super Cruz Day

Ted Cruz Dominates the Weekend!

By Caleb Howe at Red State

Today Ted Cruz dominated in Kansas. Ted Cruz dominated in Maine. Ted Cruz dominated the CPAC straw poll. And just two days ago, he dominated the GOP Debate.

Cruz proved he can turn out voters, which is one of Donald’s key arguments for his candidacy, with Ted taking three thousand more votes in Maine than the entire Republican field combined in 2012.

Cruz proved he can win in the northeast. That’s after proving he can win in heartland and all the way west, too, in Alaska. Trump may have won Kentucky, but only by 4%. Contrast with Ted’s win in Kansas of almost 25%.

Therefore Cruz has undermined another chief argument that Trump makes for his campaign. Trump argues that he should win because he is a winner who wins. Cruz keeps proving that wrong by beating him. Your argument can’t be “I’m the unstoppable winning machine” if, you know, you aren’t.

And Cruz showed he is the clear choice for young conservative and libertarian voters and activists with his domination of CPAC.

There’s really no other way to put it. This week may have had Super Tuesday, but today was definitely Super Cruz Day. Though the spin doctors will try to minimize what it means, the fact is that the Donald not only got trounced, he got hurt. Bad. And even without Florida decided, it’s hard to see Rubio’s numbers today as any sort of mandate for a top of the ticket run.

Here is the delegate count so far today. Keep in mind, this is not yet final, but does include all the Saturday states. You will note who is in the lead for total delegates.

Ted Cruz | 68
Donald Trump | 55
Marco Rubio | 13
John Kasich | 9

Ted. Ted Cruz is in the lead. Like I said, Super Cruz Day.


A.F. Branco






GOP Falling Apart





… and now, in closing …
(With a tip of the hat to “Dr. Mc”)

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  1. jack darnell 06/03/2016 — 10:52

    Good entry… I hope time will work things out, but I am still SKEERED! I wish the joke about Hillary in handcuffs was true, but I think, far from it. If Bernie was making a better showing MAYBE! But as long as Hillary is the only hope of the Dems. She is as free as a bird. CRAP


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