Jerry Mander – The Best Sanders Endorsement Yet!

Jerry Mander

The Best Sanders Endorsement Yet!

Irina endorses Sanders

“Irina Alexandrovevskivich” endorses Bernie Sanders in part because of his strong stand against the capitalist evil of offering 23 kinds of deodorant.

Click HERE to see the video.

Via Steven Hayward at Power Line.


More from Steven Hayward:

Bernie Shave

Bernie Shave5

Those of us of (ahem) a certain age will remember the classic Burma-Shave signs along the highways, especially along Route 66. Here the Burma-Shave signs become “Bernie-Shave” as the Communist Socialist running for president outlines how he will scalp us.

“Seize wealth and power

From those patricians!

(And give it to

Us politicians.)” #BernieShave


Now man exploits

His fellow man.

Just the reverse

Is what we plan! #BernieShave


Lenin smiles and Stalin puckers.

Socialism is for suckers. #BernieShave


College tuition should be free.

Won’t be paid by you or me. #BernieShave


But this one have to be my favorite so far:

Old Spice, Axe, Secret, and Dove?

Just use patchouli

And share the love. #BernieShave


Sanders Zombies


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  1. jack darnell 08/03/2016 — 05:30

    Go BERNIE! 😉 Who would have thunk the man would still be in a race? WOW!


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