Jerry Mander -Malkin: GOPe Sold Out Movement Conservatives

Jerry Mander


“There are three reasons why Jeb Bush failed. His last name, his support for amnesty and his cheer-leading and cashing in on Common Core.”

Michelle Malkin at CPAC:
GOP Sold Out Movement Conservatives

By “Aleister” at Legal Insurrection

Many speeches were given at CPAC this weekend, but one stood out from the rest.

Conservative author, activist and entrepreneur Michelle Malkin gave a fiery speech in which she reminded movement conservatives that they have been repeatedly betrayed by the Republican Party.

Malkin began her speech by saying:

“It’s not people outside the party that have thrown the conservative grassroots base under the bus. It’s the people who have paid lip-service to limited government while gorging on it.”

She was only getting started. In the course of her seventeen minute speech, she went after Republicans for the Gang of Eight, Common Core, cronyism, immigration and more.

She slammed the party elites who smear and sneer at the conservative grassroots as fringe while pretending to support causes they care about at election time.

When it came to Common Core she named names, singling out John Kasich for claiming he believed in local control of education. About Bush, she said:

“There are three reasons why Jeb Bush failed. His last name, his support for amnesty and his cheer-leading and cashing in on Common Core.”

This was the first time Malkin has spoken at CPAC in 13 years and it was well worth the wait. Once you start watching this, you won’t be able to stop. (Video HERE. It is well worth 17 minutes of your time!)

The folks at Communities Digital News agree:

CPAC Friday: Cruz up, Carson out, Michelle Malkin on fire

For all of the presidential politicking, the rock star of CPAC Friday was conservative columnist Michelle Malkin. She exploded like a neutron bomb, searing every Republican who has betrayed the conservative cause. She reminded the audience that attacking Democrats was not good enough. The wounds destroying the Republican Party are internal.

She blasted former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for his support of Common Core. She lambasted Kasich for his compassionate conservatism, a term she despises. She went after Rubio ferociously for his work with the Gang of Eight on immigration. Malkin scorched the earth, relishing every minute of her time in the spotlight. The crowd roared agreement with almost all of her remarks.

Featured image via YouTube.

Michelle Malkin was born on October 20, 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Michelle Perez Maglalang. She has been married to Jesse Dylan Malkin since July 24, 1993. They have two children. Michelle and Jesse live in Colorado.


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… and now, in closing:

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  1. jack darnell 09/03/2016 — 06:12

    Very good entry lotta truth here. The GOP did throw their base under the bridge and they created TRUMP now OPENLY TRYING TO DESTROY Trump splits their party more and THEY DONOT CARE. They would rather have Hillary than let the process work out. I despise being told how to vote by the Establishment. The GOP has proven as has been quoted on this blog as being cheeks of the same butt!


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