Jerry Mander – Watch Out For Flying Lamps!

Jerry Mander



By Steven Hayward at Power Line

I’m having a schadenfreudetastic evening imaging Hillary Clinton tonight stewing in Chappaqua, or wherever she is, about Bernie’s Wisconsin whoopin’. I can only imagine that every lamp in Chappaqua is very very nervous right now. The mortality calculations for table lamps in arm’s reach of Hillary just got a lot worse. I wonder where Bill is?

Meanwhile, I’m starting to think Sanders is more canny than I thought. Everyone says he made a blunder months ago when he gave Hillary a hall pass on her email scandal. But I wonder if his campaign team (Tad Devine is nobody’s fool) thought ahead more than the media. Wouldn’t be the first time.

I recall primary night in New York in 1976, when conservative Senator James Buckley was given the news that Pat Moynihan had won the Democratic primary. Buckley kept saying “professor Moynihan” this and “professor Moynihan” that, adding that liberalism is what you should expect from a Harvard professor like Moynihan. Told of this less-than-subtle line of attack over as his victory party, Moynihan responded—”Ah, the mudslinging has begun!”

I’m starting to wonder if Bernie isn’t on to something by referring constantly to Hillary as “secretary Clinton.” Yeah, I know we all know that this refers to her having been secretary of state, but as the first credible woman candidate for president, repeatedly calling her secretary. . . Well I wonder. Especially since you can’t point to any significant achievements as secretary of state. Kissinger she was not. Heck, she wasn’t even Warren Christopher, who I still maintain was America’s real first woman secretary of state. We don’t even use the term “secretary” any more for women assistants in the office—they are all executive assistants or some such. A secretary is the kind of person who would screw up emails, right? Like Rosemary Woods. I think the “BernieBros,” the left wing equivalent of Trumpsters, get this loud and clear. At the very least we should provoke some cognitive dissonance among feminists on this question.

Hat tips today to “B-Squared” and “Cousin Mary” for providing some of the images below.





Hitlery-fund managers



… Speaking of The Donald after Cruz trounced him in Wisconsin…




And now, in closing, we have …

Separated at Birth

Separated at Birth Netanyahu


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  1. jack darnell 06/04/2016 — 07:32

    Bernie is doing more than I ever thought. HOWEVER She is in the lead, has been and most likely will stay there. She will not be indicted (as well she should), thus guaranteeing our ATTY GEN a long time in the job after she is elected.
    Only a miracle can put Humpty Dumpty (GOP) back togehter again and I do not see Cruz or the Trump as a miracle,. As a matter of fact I do not see our Knight in shining armor anywhere. I sure wish I did.

    BUT THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, …………………………………………………… I HOPE!
    At this point I am a “Anyone but HIllary’ type guy!


    • Jack, I think Ted Cruz is as close to the knight in shining armor as we will get this election – and he has been very smart in building his campaign. He has key people in key places laying the groundwork for him to win the nomination. He is out-organizing everyone – Trump, Kasich – and most importantly, the Gutless Old Party Establishment. I think he will secure the nomination on the second or third ballot at the convention in Cleveland in July. He is committed to the Constitution and, as president, I think he would take a weed eater to the leftists that Obama has installed in all the government agencies. 😉


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