Jerry Mander – Mushhead McConnell Strikes Again

Jerry Mander

McConnel Hall of Shame

In Indiana, McConnell Allies Move to Block “Another Cruz”

Marlin Stutzman

Marlin Stutzman viewed as a “potential troublemaker … much like Cruz”

Via Legal Insurrection

Apparently, Mitch McConnell is trying to undermine the Senate run of a conservative candidate from Indiana that he sees as a potential disruptive force like Ted Cruz.

CNN reports:

Rep. Marlin Stutzman is a member of the anti-leadership House Freedom Caucus, a conservative in the mold of Ted Cruz and a three-term Indiana congressman who voted against John Boehner as speaker.

Now, he wants a promotion to the Senate — and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his allies want to stop that.

Privately, McConnell has made clear to his confidantes that he wants to bolster the candidacy of Stutzman’s chief GOP rival, Rep. Todd Young, and push him over-the-top in the May 3 primary, according to sources familiar with the conversations.

This move is purportedly motivated, at least in part, by Stutzman’s vote against John Boehner.

CNN continues:

The move marks a new front in the simmering wars between the establishment and the right flank of the party, a battle that has dominated the GOP since the 2010 midterms and is roiling the 2016 presidential contest. But in this case, McConnell and his allies appear to be maneuvering to defeat a candidate whom they view not only as weak in a general election — but also as a potential troublemaker in the Senate GOP Conference, much like Cruz.
In an interview with CNN, Stutzman pointedly accused McConnell of retaliating against him for his vote against Boehner last year, saying it “would be a lot harder” for him now to back the Kentucky Republican as Senate leader if he wins in November. He had previously signaled he’d back McConnell as leader.

“They don’t want me to be the next senator from Indiana,” Stutzman said. “I think (McConnell) is making a mistake by going after conservatives and trying to pick the nominee in Indiana because we just don’t like that.” Stutzman added: “Todd Young is going to vote ‘yes’ for Mitch McConnell, and Mitch McConnell knows that I voted against John Boehner. … Todd Young is a yes-man.”

CNN reports that some in DC see Stutzman as more like Ben Sasse than Cruz.

In the House, Stutzman not only was among 25 Republicans to vote against Boehner, but he has taken positions that have at times angered his party’s leadership. He voted against a procedural rule in 2015 to take up trade legislation, nearly scuttling the bill. The move infuriated GOP leaders since he ultimately backed the trade bill, a major priority of the GOP leadership.

Stutzman, however, has shown a desire to work with GOP leaders at times. And for that reason, McIntosh of the Club for Growth sees the congressman more in the mold of Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse rather than a bomb-thrower like Cruz, who has capitalized on his high-profile battles with McConnell and GOP senators during his presidential run.

If you are not familiar with Stutzman, you may find the following short video about government in education of interest:

Here’s one of his Senate ads:


Action board

From Ken Cuccinelli at Senate Conservatives:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is doing two things right now to hurt Conservatives and to betray our principles.

First, the Daily Signal reports that McConnell is pressuring Senate Banking Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) to confirm President Obama’s nominee to the Export-Import Bank’s board.

If this happens, the Ex-Im board will continue its loan guarantees, putting taxpayers at risk while rewarding McConnell’s cronies.

Second, McConnell’s super PAC has launched hundreds of thousands of dollars in TV ads to support Todd Young (R-IN), the liberal Republican running against conservative Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) for the U.S. Senate in Indiana.

This is especially noteworthy because it breaks a promise made by McConnell and the party establishment to stay out of open seat primaries.

It’s a clear case where McConnell is actively working to defeat a conservative who can win both the primary and the general elections.

The truth is that Senator McConnell doesn’t care about Conservative principles. His ideology is power and he wants the candidate who will go along with the liberal deals he cuts with the Democrats.

If you’re ready to defeat the Republican establishment and send Washington a message, please support Marlin Stutzman today.

Stutzman is a proven Conservative who has shown that he will fight for our principles and stand up to his own party.

He voted against funding for Obamacare, against raising the debt limit, against bloated omnibus bills, and against funding for executive amnesty. And, of course, Stutzman voted against John Boehner for Speaker.

The primary election in Indiana is on May 3rd so there’s no time to waste.

Please make an emergency donation to the Stutzman campaign right now and alert other Conservatives. When you donate through Senate Conservatives, 100% of your donation goes directly to the candidate. Senate Conservatives does not “take a slice” for themselves and you have the ability to make a donation to support the operating expenses of the fund.

Thank you for your support. We’re grateful for your willingness to fight for the principles of freedom that make America great.

Ken Cuccinelli II,
Senate Conservatives Fund


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  1. jack darnell 11/04/2016 — 08:28

    I get lost, sorta like the old ‘Who’s on first?’ in politics. It all sucks!!!!


    • McConnell’s under the table moves against Stutzman demonstrate the need for us to keep the pressure on McConnell and force him from office. Next up, we’ve got to force Ryan out in the House. The Conservatives blew it when they succeeded in forcing Boehner out but settled for Ryan as his replacement.


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