Jerry Mander – Cruz Campaign Sells TrumperTantrum Baby Gear

Jerry Mander


Ted Cruz Campaign Sells TrumperTantrum Baby Gear

For the Whiner Who Has Everything

By “Streiff” at Red State

Just as Jimmy Carter inspired cardigan wearers and Hillary Clinton became synonymous with crooked hag with cankles pantsuits, Donald Trump has now laid claim to his own couture. The Trumpertantrum baby bib and onesie. Hilarious. This is available by the Ted Cruz campaign and unlike the cheap, low-quality red hats that Trump supporters wear to conceal their lack of a forehead, these are made in America, not by Chinese convicts.


The one thing Donald Trump has succeeded at during this campaign, other that lighting Truth on fire and chasing it down the street, is raising whining to an art form. He whines about just about everything. He is the most unmanly example we’ve seen running for president since, well, Barack Obama.







Trump-the latest


And now, in closing:

Hitlery Doesn't Know Bill's voting for Cruz

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  1. jack darnell 17/04/2016 — 05:37

    There are times I wish we had a Benevolent Dictator………………………. No, not really, but this cat fight and 4th grade language SUCKS. I’m just sick of it.


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