Jerry Mander – Don’t Throw Your Panties At Trump Quite Yet

Jerry Mander

Benito Trump

“How do conservatives expect to secure a single commitment from the man who knows not what the word commitment means if they begin obsequiously working the stage for “Mr. Trump” without batting an eye lash?”

Don’t Throw Your Panties At Trump Quite Yet

By Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review

We’ve experienced this rodeo show for decades.

The media picks our nominee – whether it’s for president, Senate, or governor. That lucky individual has never fought a single battle for conservatives on a single issue in his entire life and has even carried water for the other side on some critically important issues. Yet, he ran as a conservative in the primary and railed against the Democrats. The media, whether local or national, anointed this individual and helped him run a dehumanization campaign against his opponent. Not surprisingly, that man wins the primary and the other man – irrespective of his lifelong reputation – is left with the image of a dirt bag in the minds of most voters by the end of the election.

Within minutes, in come the mindless drones who lecture Conservatives as follows: “Shut up, get in line. What do you want? Are you going to allow the Democrat to win and the world will come crashing down? Huh? Huh?”

There is nothing new under the sun with what has transpired this cycle. For all the talk about how this election has been unprecedented, it has really played out the same way it always does. It’s just that this year, the particular RINO who won has been even more liberal and capricious for his entire life and is even more of a decadent character. And yet, within 24 hours of this man accusing his opponent’s father of being associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, the drones are already out in full force demanding that everyone throw their panties to the stage.

Even if one buys into the notion that it’s worth saving the Republican Party and continuing this cycle of madness and even if one can bring themselves to vote for such a depraved character, the fact that conservatives would throw their panties at this man two and a half months before the convention and seven months before the election is insane.

Mark Levin shared a trenchant observation last Tuesday night on his radio show. The vacuous threat of “we can’t let the Democrat win” is the Conservative equivalent of the RINO bromide “we can’t shut the government down.” Remember when McConnell and Boehner would always let Obama know six months ahead of time that they’d give him what he wants because of their maniacal fear of a shutdown? That is how they ensured Republicans came away with zero concessions from Democrats.

The same lesson applies to Conservatives within the GOP. The party oligarchs know with full certitude that Conservatives are so revolted by the prospect of Democrats winning that they will immediately come back to the chosen nominee – no matter the views or character of the GOP oligarch candidate. They know that Republicans will then proceed to work with Democrats on some of the most important issues, but don’t you dare not vote for this Republican … lest we get the Democrat!

This, at its core, is what has destroyed the party, the movement and the country over the past half century. By fearing the “alternative” and refusing to play the long game and rebuild a truly different party, we always wind up getting that dreaded “alternative” even when Republicans are elected. This is why we are here today.


“The notion that Trump’s success will change the trajectory, even if you believe in Trump’s newfound positions on some issues like immigration, is nothing short of a fantasy.”

We have come full circle in this cycle of insanity. This race began with Conservatives enraged over Jeb Bush’s promise to win without Conservatives. Trump effectively seized upon the unique candor of the establishment front-runner and galvanized many Conservatives. Now we have a man who finds no need to reach out to Conservatives, but Conservatives are told they must submit their forces to him – IMMEDIATELY. Indeed, nothing has changed from every other primary election, which resulted in utter failure for our country and the resurgence of Democrats anyway.

Consider the following: Every single RINO incumbent – including all of those who have betrayed us and have fueled the anger that Trump successfully hijacked – has been reelected. We will not elect a single conservative to the Senate this year, as witnessed by what happened in Indiana. Where is the revolution? As I’ve noted before, this is all about name recognition, persona and media narrative, not principles or issues. That is exactly why Trump has won while at the same time those same voters selected the congressional candidates who reflect the opposite of the rationale behind voting for Trump.

In addition, it’s clear that Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn will remain as GOP leaders in the Senate while Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy will continue to steer the House GOP. Every single RINO governor and state legislature will remain intact. NOTHING has changed. Trump himself says he admires McConnell and Corker and lambasted Cruz for fighting with leadership. The notion that Trump’s success will change the trajectory, even if you believe in Trump’s newfound positions on some issues like immigration, is nothing short of a fantasy, given his willingness to work with the same toxic system that has just been reelected.

But folks, don’t you dare say a word to force Trump to the right. Don’t you fear the election of a radical Democrat?












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  1. I am not voting for Benghazi Hillary or Trump.
    Don’t know what to do. I might write in thehamish.

    cheers, parsnip


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