Jerry Mander – Ryan Calls Out Democrats’ Sit-In Scam

Jerry Mander

Regular readers know that Jerry Mander is no fan of House Speaker Paul Ryan. Jerry is convinced that Ryan long ago sold out Conservative principles to become an Establishment king maker. Ryan’s conduct as Speaker of the House has only deepened Jerry’s conviction on this. Nonetheless, Ryan did the right thing in calling out the Democrats for their “Sit In” scam on the House floor:

More HERE including a longer video clip where Ryan effectively shuts down several obviously biased “reporters”:

… the entire debacle that saw Democrats take to the House floor, seeking to obstruct government business until there was a vote on gun control wasn’t actually about the gun control.

No, it was about the almighty dollar, and how much of yours they could get their hands on. Had they actually wanted a vote, they could have had it.

While sitting like idiots in the middle of the floor, holding up pictures of Orlando’s dead for the cameras, their aides were furiously sending out fund raising emails.

It amounted to ghouls feasting on the flesh of the dead, and it was despicable.

To illustrate that their scam didn’t escape notice, Speaker Ryan called them out today for their deception.

Good for you, Speaker Ryan.


WATCH: Louie Gohmert Drops a Truth Bomb on Protesting Democrats

Republicans returned to the House chambers late Wednesday evening to try and convene for votes, but yet again were met with loud and boisterous protest from Democrats.

This time, during an informal speech about the Orlando victims and gun control by Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA, Rep. Louie Gohmert R-TX confronted the Democrats offering them a much needed reality check.

Gohmert can be heard shouting “Radical Islam killed these people!” BOOM.

Another Democrat then chimed in, drowning out Gohmert, chanting “Don’t let terrorists have a gun!”

The Democrats have been aggressively using the Orlando tragedy to push for gun control legislation, while completely ignoring the fact that radical Islamic terrorism was the main culprit in the crime. At the same time, even some in the liberal media have realized the reforms they are pushing for are meaningless.

Democrats plan to stage their sit-in until Republicans agree to hold a vote on gun sale restrictions, but Republicans have not caved choosing instead to adjourn the House until July 5th.


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  1. jack darnell 25/06/2016 — 05:44

    I hope the idiots sitting on the floor take note that paybacks are heck!


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