Jerry Mander – Democrat Congresswoman Charged With Brazen Fraud

Jerry Mander


Democrat Corinne Brown, FL: More proof – as if we needed it – that the Democrat Party is a Criminal Organization Masquerading as a Political Party

Democrat Congresswoman Charged With Brazen Fraud

By John Hinderaker at Power Line


Congresswoman Corinne Brown, who represents Jacksonville, Florida, has been charged with an extraordinary fraud, even by Congressional standards:

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown was indicted Friday on charges she used some $800,000 in charitable donations as a “personal slush fund” for items that included box seats to a Beyonce concert and an NFL game, the Justice Department said.

Where do you suppose she got that idea?

Court documents show [Brown and her chief of staff] allegedly spent money earmarked for the One Door for Education charity for personal travel, luxury hotels, Beyonce concert tickets, box seats at a NFL game and a personal IRS debt, among other expenses.

Apparently, out of the $800,000 raised only $1,200 was used for educational purposes.

“Our office is committed to ferreting out and prosecuting all forms of corruption and fraud, regardless of who the offender is,” U.S. Attorney A. Lee Bentley III said. “In our nation, no one is above the law.”

The timing of that announcement is a little unfortunate. He might want to say, hardly anyone is above the law.






Hitlery Above the Law


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  1. Hillary is a true raptor, she cares nothing about anyone but herself. She has no remorse about her lies and actions .


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