Jerry Mander – You Can Help Dump Trump!

Jerry Mander


The Hair Presumptive can be stopped! Here’s how:

The Republican National Convention’s Rules Are About To Be Written… Send The Rules Committee A Message

By Ben Howe at Red State

While a great deal of media attention is currently being devoted to the burning question of which poor sucker is about to have his political career terminated by virtue of Donald Trump selecting him to play VP on the world’s worst Republican Presidential ticket, in Cleveland, delegates to the Republican National Convention are assembling.

Specifically, delegates seated on the Convention’s Rules Committee are assembling— and yes, you should care.

The Rules Committee is effectively the last American institution that stands between Donald Trump and the Republican presidential nomination. It may also prove to be the last institution capable of defending basic American values like freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of expression. That is, if the Rules Committee or enough members of it decide to unbind delegates to the Convention, and allow them a free vote regarding the presidential nominee.

This seems like it should be an obvious thing, but as usual, Donald Trump’s hired guns and unpaid thugs are amassing to try to intimidate Rules Committee Members into doing the wrong thing. They should not. And one thing that might persuade them to do the right thing, even in the face of all this, is hearing from people like you and me. And it turns out, someone has created a mechanism for doing exactly that.

Take a look at this letter, helpfully drafted by free the delegates advocate Liz Mair. If you simply enter your name and email address, and hit “send,” it will reach literally every single Rules Committee Member. Every single one.

And it will tell them that you want an open, transparent convention in which the Delegates are free to vote their conscience.

Go sign it, and hit send. Now. Do it for Mom, apple pie, and our Republic.





News item: Old Hitlery ®™ DNC wears $12,500 Armani jacket to deliver speech on income inequality*

* You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

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* 3M: The Marxist Muslim Mulatto







Speaking of BLM:


Hat tip to Steven Hayward:

Obama's Army

And now, in closing:

Run for Office

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