Jerry Mander – Clinton Cash, The Movie

Jerry Mander


Watch the movie by clicking on the image below or watch it at YouTube. 1 hour 7 minutes.


Hat tip to “B-Squared” for curating the images below.


Clinton Media Boy GoTo George



What the Green Party thinks about The Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party:




First #NeverTrump, now #NeverHitlery:


… on the other hand, their are a few* who embrace The Dowager Queen of Chappaqua:

Don’t forget that Sir Cheeto Face, the nominee of The Stupid Party ®™ RNC, was a registered Democrat for many years and a frequent donor to the Clintons. Equally troubling is the fact that he met privately with BJ Clinton just before announcing that he would run as a “Republican” for president.




… And now, in closing: Old Hitlery ®™ DNC Separated at Birth:


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  1. Jack Darnell 01/08/2016 — 09:17

    The whole system sucks….. Say what we want, the old girl seems to be bullet proof. She has been hit with mortars, bombs and shells and is still walking. I hate to hear it, ‘Madam President’, I am a ‘Anyone but Hillary’ type of guy even if I have to cast a vote for a $hit head!


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