Gear Head Tuesday – “Ol’ Petrol Head’s” Day at Goodwood

Gear Head

Frequent “Friday Funnies” contributor “Ol’ Petrol Head,” who lives in Poole, U.K., attended the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed at the end of June. He sent the photos below, reporting that it was a typical June day in Britain: rainy. We lead off with what at first glance appears to be  fuzzy image of a Porsche 911. It is, in fact, a 911 built of Lego pieces!

911 in LEGO

Above: a Porsche 911 constructed from Lego pieces!

Now, put your bib on and drool away! First, we see the monument to speed:


Next is a 1905 Isotta Franschini FIAT:


… followed by a 1911 “Blitzen” Benz:


Moving now from the 19-teens into the 1920s, we come to this 1924 Brooklands bike:


Not to be outdone by a 1911 “Blitzen” Benz is this 1929 Blower Bentley:


Moving now into the 1930s, we come to this ’33 Napier-Railton:


… followed by a ’36 Mercedes W25 Streamliner:


“Ol’ Petrol Head” didn’t supply us with photos of any cars from the ’40s,
so we move now to this ’54 Lancia:


… followed by a later Alfa:


Here is a ’65 Lola-Chevrolet:


Now we come to the fabled Ford racers of the mid-to-late 1960s:


… followed by a Lancia Stratos:


The one and only 1966 Jaguar XJ13:


Now we come to Ferrari:


Into the early 1970s with this Shadow-Chevrolet:


… and finally, a modern Ford GT:



Do you have a car you would like for us to feature? We enjoy doing this and would like to hear from you. We’ve posted “Chris-to-Fear’s” ’55 Studebaker Champion, “Uncle Tilden” and we’ve posted “Pappy’s” Fifty Four Willys. What do you have?

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  1. Jack Darnell 02/08/2016 — 11:30

    What can be said? What a collection of beautiful pieces of art. Love it!


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