Jerry Mander – Mushhead McConnell Can’t Escape Blame for Trump

Jerry Mander


“Under McConnell’s leadership, the party has broken so many promises to voters that voters are willing to break the party itself.”

Mitch McConnell Can’t Escape the Blame for Trump

By Amanda Carpenter at Conservative Review

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — one of the longest-serving, most powerful members of the GOP establishment — isn’t taking any questions about the presidential race. Probably because he’s praying no one will notice how miserably wrong he’s been about Donald Trump.

On Monday, days after Trump was revealed making vulgar comments about sexually assaulting women, McConnell told an audience in his home state of Kentucky that, “I don’t have any observations to make” about the presidential election. He said if audience members wanted to hear him discuss the race, “they might as well go ahead and leave.”

But, McConnell was all too willing to enable Trump, praise Trump, and pressure fellow Republicans to endorse Trump earlier this year. Let the record reflect how much McConnell has helped Trump along the way.

When Trump launched conspiracy-driven questions about Sen. Ted Cruz’s, R-Texas (A, 97%) citizenship McConnell ruled out passing a Senate resolution to confirm Cruz’s eligibility, as the Senate did for GOP nominee John McCain in the 2008 race. And so, questions about Cruz’s eligibility to become president festered for weeks in the run-up and through the GOP primary races.
When it became clear Trump would become the nominee, McConnell endorsed him without reservation.

“I have committed to supporting the nominee chosen by Republican voters, and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee, is now on the verge of clinching that nomination,” McConnell said in a statement.

(For comparison, at that time, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told CNN he was not ready to endorse Trump and was publicly pressuring the nominee to adhere to conservative positions and become more disciplined.)

Later that month, when options started being considered to oust Trump as the nominee at the convention, McConnell lashed out at fellow Republicans who refused to fall in line.

“It’s disrespectful of the Republican electorate to say ‘I’m smarter than you are and I’m not gonna support your choice,” the GOP leader told CBS on May 30th.

By June, he was praising Trump for making improvements when in reality Trump’s boorish behavior hadn’t changed much at all. “I think he’s made a lot of progress toward passing what I would consider sort of the credibility threshold,” McConnell lauded.

Then, came McConnell’s most cringe-worthy comment yet.

He claimed in an interview with USA Today that Trump, as the GOP nominee, wouldn’t have significant influence on the party.

“My view is that Trump will not change the Republican Party,” McConnell said. “If he brings in new followers, that’s great, and well worth the effort, but he will not change the Republican Party.”

Furthermore, McConnell said in July that Trump would have no impact on the GOP’s down-ballot Senate races.

He told NBC, “I don’t think we’re gonna lose a single Senate seat because of Donald Trump.” (By early August, several Senate races were moved into vulnerable territory due to the “Trump effect.”)

Certainly, those comments are not going to reflect well in the November 9 morning light. It’s no wonder McConnell hopes he can stay quiet.

To many conservatives, McConnell symbolizes the worst of the mealy-mouthed Washington politicians who will say and do anything to stay in power and are never held accountable for their misdeeds.

Under McConnell’s “leadership,” the party has broken so many promises to voters that voters are willing to break the party itself. Hence, Donald Trump — who at this moment seems to be spending more time actively campaigning against Republican Speaker Ryan than his Democratic presidential opponent Hillary Clinton.

McConnell, at every turn, aligned himself with a seemingly-suicidal candidate. As a chief party leader, McConnell should now be forced to bear the consequences for putting the party in such danger.

Trump didn’t hijack the GOP. McConnell, the second most powerful Republican in Washington, obediently opened the door for Trump and demanded that everyone else to go for the ride.

When Trump finally crashes and burns as the worst GOP presidential nominee in modern history, McConnell ought to go down in flames with him.

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