Jerry Mander – BJ Clinton’s Penthouse Pet Lover Died In Mysterious Fire

Jerry Mander


Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs –
Another in the long list of people who have been associated with the Clintons who have met an untimely death.

More news you won’t get from the U.S. media. This article is in the U.K. Daily Mail

How Bill Clinton’s Penthouse Pet lover died in a mysterious house fire that her sister believes was started to cover up her affair with the then Arkansas governor

• Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs died in a mysterious house fire in 1986 amid rumors she was having an affair with Bill Clinton
• She died of smoke inhalation when she was 32, alongside her her long-time beau, 57-year-old Bill Puterbaugh outside Fordyce, Arkansas
• ‘I have always been convinced that Bill Clinton was responsible for the fire, but I have no proof,’ Gibbs’ older sister Martha tells
• Clinton would ask Gibbs to fly from the tiny airport opposite Puterbaugh’s house into Little Rock where he would take her to a hotel
• But when Gibbs’ brother-in-law, Dale Bliss, was arrested for child rape, Bliss’s house was raided by police and the affair came to and end
• It’s rumored that a photo was discovered during the raid that Bliss had secretly taken of Clinton with Judi Gibbs
• Gibbs’ and Puterbaugh’s family believe the fire was started deliberately

By Martin Gould In Sims, Arkansas, And Fordyce, Arkansas, and Alana Goodman In Fordyce, Arkansas, For

As more and more women line up to tell their stories about sex with Bill Clinton – both consensual and forced – there is one who is unable to relive the details of her alleged affair.

Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs died in a mysterious house fire in 1986 amid rumors that she had pictures that proved she and the then-Governor of Arkansas had been regular sex partners.

And even now, 30 years after she died alongside her much-older other lover, doubts remain about how and why Gibbs and her long-time beau Bill Puterbaugh met their grizzly deaths.

But now has pieced together the life and death of Judi Gibbs, telling for the first time how the auburn-haired woman from a pin-prick of an Arkansas town managed to bed the man who went on to be one of the most powerful men in the world.

And the question remains unanswered: Was Judi Gibbs killed because Bill Clinton and his advisers feared the affair was about to become public?

‘I have always been convinced that Bill Clinton was responsible for the fire, but I have no proof,’ Gibbs’ older sister Martha, who still lives in Sims, Arkansas, told ‘And what would happen if I had proof – you can’t touch those people.’

At the time of her death, Gibbs was 32 and living with 57-year-old developer Puterbaugh in a large isolated home a quarter-mile drive opposite a tiny airport outside Fordyce, Arkansas.

Their bodies were both found in the huge master bedroom. They died of smoke inhalation.

Puterbaugh’s son, Randy, who followed him into the real estate business, tells a similar story to Martha Gibbs, even though the two have not spoken since the days following the double death.

‘There are so many pieces of the puzzle.’ Puterbaugh said. ‘I believe it is a possibility that Bill Clinton was involved in their deaths. ‘I know I wish I had hired my own private investigator but I didn’t, so I guess I will never know.’

Judi Gibbs and Bill Puterbaugh died on January 3, 1986. According to a report in the local Fordyce News-Advocate, Gibbs called the fire department at 2.26 am wailing in her Marilyn Monroe-type voice: ‘Bill Puterbaugh’s house is on fire, hurry, you all, hurry.’

Puterbaugh’s body was found by a window. Gibbs was still clutching the phone right next to the king-sized bed

Local fire chief Roy Wayne Moseley has no explanation as to why the lovers did not manage to get out of the house.

‘The only reason I can think why they didn’t is they were overrun with smoke so quick and so fast,’ he said.

‘It was a real tragedy. As far as residential fires go, that was the worst we’ve had,’ added Moseley, now 80 and still chief of the Fordyce Volunteer Fire Department – a post he has held since 1960.

Many people around the Clintons have died in unusual circumstances over the years, leading conspiracy theorists to claim they could be connected.

As reported earlier this year, five deaths in a six-week span between June 22 and August 2 this year had connections to the former first family.

‘I’m not saying the Clintons kill people. I’m saying a lot of people around the Clintons turn up dead,’  – Larry Nichols, who worked with the former First Family before turning against them, told

The names of Judi Gibbs and her lover Bill Puterbaugh could be added to that list.

Gibbs was the sixth of seven children born to a hardscrabble family in Sims, a two-hour drive west of Little Rock.

In her teens she was lured into prostitution by her brother-in-law Dale Bliss, who is now 85 and 32 years into a life prison sentence for child rape.

Martha Gibbs said she had to go to rescue Gibbs from Bliss’s clutches. ‘She was 17 or 18 at the time. She went straight back to prostitution,’ Martha said.

Bliss, who was married to Sharon Gibbs – Martha and Judi’s sister – would send his girls to Oaklawn Racetrack in Hot Springs hoping to pick up wealthy men. It was there that Gibbs met Puterbaugh.

Gibbs had dreams of making it big in Hollywood and starred in the cult car crash movie The Junkman. She did some modeling, traveling to England and Ireland for shoots for Datsun cars.

In her Penthouse spread she said she hated exercise, likening herself to a lazy grasshopper.

‘The only physical exertion that really appeals to me is between the sheets,’ she said. ‘And even then I do a lot of lying around.’

But as she passed 30, her life goals changed. ‘By this time, Gibbs’ ambition was to marry Bill Puterbaugh and settle down,’ said her sister.

Puterbaugh was a larger-than-life character. He adored big game hunting. Around 1965 he and a friend flew up to Alaska and then took a small plane, flying under the radar into Siberia where they each shot and killed a polar bear.

Bill turned his into a rug, his friend’s was stuffed and mounted, which, to this day, is on display in the Dallas County Museum in Fordyce.

‘I dread to think what would have happened if they had been caught flying into the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War,’ said Randy.

‘My dad was a successful businessman and he liked the ladies, no question about that. Judi was stunningly beautiful, very photogenic, very, very buxom with red hair but she wasn’t real bright.

‘He got Judi into a lot of modeling jobs and made contact with Penthouse and sure enough she got to be a Penthouse pet – runner-up as Pet of the Year in 1979 as I remember,’ added Randy, who was eight months older than his father’s girlfriend.

‘She went off to California and made her movie, but she was a country girl at heart and wanted to move back to Arkansas.

‘I think she really loved my dad, but he was a love-’em-and-leave-’em type, I’m not sure he could ever love any one woman. But he kept Judi around for a long time.

‘He knew all about her past. She was pretty much a high-price call girl, but he never pimped her out.’

However, Bill Puterbaugh also knew how politics in Arkansas’s state capital worked, and he knew that Judi Gibbs was a major asset.

‘He liked to rub shoulders with politicians and the big people in Little Rock,’ said Randy. ‘He knew that people did other people favors, especially politicians, that’s just the way it used to be.

‘And Judi didn’t object. He played the favor game to be part of the crowd and she was a hot commodity.’

One of those politicians was the rapidly rising Bill Clinton, at the time Arkansas’ attorney general.

He started calling for Gibbs asking her to fly from the tiny airport opposite Puterbaugh’s house into Little Rock where he would take her to hotel rooms, said Martha Gibbs.

‘Bill Puterbaugh knew she was seeing Bill Clinton, and he was okay with that,’ Martha, now 71, added. ‘Judi told me what she was doing with Bill Clinton a few times.

‘I told her just keep away from him. I liked Bill Puterbaugh and I wanted her to stay with him. She was living with him and he was looking after her.

‘She didn’t give me any great detail, just that they would go to a hotel. I would always say “stay away from him.”

‘Sometimes he would have her picked up in a car and sometimes she would fly from that little airport in Fordyce. She never ever mentioned Hillary.’

The alleged affair with Bill Clinton could have gone on for years if it wasn’t for Dale Bliss.

Gibbs learned that he was molesting an eight-year-old boy and told Puterbaugh who insisted she should go to the police and drop the dime on her sister’s husband.

That decision opened a whole can of worms.

Bliss was said to have a secret window in his home in Glenwood, Arkansas, where he would take pictures of his girls having sex with some of the state’s most powerful men.

No-one will say for certain that Bill Clinton was caught on camera with Judi Gibbs, but everyone has heard the rumor.

‘All I know is that state police raided that house and confiscated everything – and I mean everything,’ said Randy Puterbaugh. ‘None of it has ever been seen since.’

And he would know. He spent weeks trying to find all the intricacies of his father’s death, even filing Freedom of Information requests that came up empty.
He knew that Bliss had threatened to have Gibbs killed for reporting him to police, but neither he nor Martha Gibbs believe Bliss was the man behind the fire.

‘He had nothing to do with it,’ said Martha. ‘Dale Bliss is a piece of trash, but he didn’t have the money to hire anyone.’

Randy Puterbaugh, 63, is convinced the blaze was started deliberately. He says one chilling discovery in the ashes made up his mind.

‘There was a little bedroom that Judi had converted into a sewing room – she loved sewing. It was the only room that wasn’t completely destroyed,’ he said.
After the fire, which was huge news in Fordyce, people trekked to the house and looted anything they could find.

At the time Randy did not want to see the place where his father had lost his life, so sent a friend down to see what he could rescue.


Contemporary newspaper photo of Puterbaugh’s burned-out house.

‘In the sewing room, my friend found a cassette recorder, lying face down with a tape still in there,’ Randy said.

Inside the recorder was the Culture Club album Waking Up With The House On Fire.

‘I know that wasn’t theirs. My father listened to the classics – Sinatra, Streisand, that sort of thing. He would never have heard of Boy George,’ Randy said. ‘Judi might have heard of him, but she certainly didn’t listen to him. ‘It was like the cassette recorder had just been thrown in there. It’s another thing that’s suspicious.’

The fire started near the front of the 3,800 square-foot house. It could have been the kitchen or it could have been the game room where Bill Puterbaugh had animal heads including a grizzly bear he had shot in British Columbia, an elk, a moose and other creatures mounted on the wall.

Randy and Martha used the exact same words to describe the room: ‘All those animals gave me the creeps,’ they both said in independent interviews.

And perhaps with good reason. The taxidermy, along with the polar bearskin rug from Siberia, added fuel to the fire that killed Martha’s sister and Randy’s father.

The blaze must have taken time to reach the bedroom which was at the back of the house. The noise should have woken the couple, both Martha and Randy said. ‘Judi had a little dog – a Yorkshire terrier I think – and he was tied to his dog bed, but he dragged that all the way to the bedroom door,’ said Randy Puterbaugh. ‘She also had a cockatoo and that would have been squawking.

‘Things would have been falling off the walls. There had to be enough of a racket that they would have heard it. The fire traveled a long way from the front of the house to the back.’

‘There were windows everywhere in that bedroom,’ he added. ‘There were no bars on them and there was a door that led out the back, but for whatever reason neither my father or Judi made it out.’

Fire chief Moseley agrees the inferno had to be burning for some time before it reached the bedroom. ‘It had some burn time, it really did,’ he said. ‘When we got there, I didn’t expect to find them dead as she had been able to call in. ‘It was just a whole shock for this town for something like that to happen here.’

Autopsies said Gibbs had only an antihistamine in her system and Bill was drug free, yet neither Randy Puterbaugh nor Martha Gibbs believe that. They both say Gibbs was a heavy drinker, downing several Crown Royal Canadian whiskies a day and was bound to have had some alcohol in her bloodstream.

Puterbaugh didn’t drink so much, but always had two Crown Royals every afternoon, his son said.

And a few weeks before his death, he had traveled to Pittsburgh for cochlear implant surgery – a revolutionary new procedure at the time – and would have been taking medication.

After the fire, Randy Puterbaugh received a letter of condolence from Bill Clinton.

Martha Gibbs decided she had to confront the man who went on to the White House.
She thought she had a chance when he came to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to give a speech at the Royale Vista Inn.

‘It was about six weeks after the fire, I think, and I went up to Clinton at the start and I said, “My name’s Martha Gibbs, I am…” and before I could get it out, he said, “You’re Judi’s sister”.

‘I told him I needed to speak to him and he said he couldn’t because he had to get up and make his speech, so afterwards I kept going up to him and he kept moving, always a few steps ahead of me with people around him.

‘He knew I wanted to speak to him, but he made sure I couldn’t.’

Randy Puterbaugh has met Bill Clinton since. He remembers one occasion when Clinton came to Fordyce for the annual Cotton Belt Festival.

‘I was driving his float and I felt a tap on my shoulder,’ he said.
He added: ‘We passed the florist’s shop downtown and he tapped me on the shoulder and said: “Randy, who’s that blonde standing in the doorway?” I looked and there was this stunning looking woman and I said: “I don’t know”. ‘He said: “Well, can you find out?” You talk about a hound dog.’

Many more photos at the article

An important detail that the Daily Mail article left out: at the time of her death, Judi Gibbs was cooperating with investigators looking into cocaine running in Arkansas.


“I’m not saying the Clintons kill people.
I’m saying a lot of people around the Clintons turn up dead.”

Larry Nichols, former Clinton associate
who has had at least one attempt made on his life.

A Partial List:

Numerous internet sites list the number of Clinton associates who have died mysteriously over the years. The names vary, but these among those most frequently cited as possible victims of some vast Clinton conspiracy.
– Kevin Ives and Don Henry, both 17, crushed by a train, August 23, 1987. Their deaths were ruled accidental, with the medical examiner saying they had fallen asleep on a railroad line after smoking marijuana, but a grand jury found they had been murdered before being placed on the tracks. They had allegedly stumbled on a plot to smuggle drugs and guns from an airport in Mena, Arkansas, that Bill Clinton was said to be involved in as state governor.
– Victor Raiser, 53, small plane crash, July 30, 1992. The second finance co-chair of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign was killed along with his son during a fishing vacation in Alaska. Campaign press secretary Dee Dee Myers called Raiser a major player in the organization.
– Paul Tully, 48, heart attack, September 25, 1992. A chain-smoking, heavy drinking political consultant who weighed more than 320 lb. Tully died seven weeks before Clinton’s first presidential election win. He had been political director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during Clinton’s rise. Tully was on the left of the Democratic Party and usually worked for those who shared his views, however he agreed to work for Clinton because he thought he was the only Democrat who could beat President George Bush.
– Paula Gober, 36, single car accident, December 7, 1992. She was Clinton’s interpreter for the deaf for several years and traveled with him while he was governor of Arkansas. Her vehicle overturned on a bend, throwing her 30 feet. There were no witnesses. She had told friends that BJ Clinton had made moves on her.
– Jeff Rhodes – He was shot, mutilated and found burned in a trash dump in April 1989. He was beaten by members of BJ’s security team when BJ was governor of Arkansas, hog tied, castrated, and hung from the ceiling of a barn on an abandoned farm outside of Little Rock. The barn was set on fire. His body was later moved to a trash dump container in Little Rock and was discovered by accident. Most of the security team members involved in this later died.
– Vince Foster, 48, suicide, July 20, 1993. A long-time friend of the Clintons in Arkansas, new president Bill Clinton appointed him Deputy White House Counsel. Foster soon realized he hated the job and fell into a deep depression. He was found shot to death in Fort Marcy Park in Washington.
– Stanley Heard, 47, small plane crash, September 3, 1993. An Arkansas chiropractor who, according to the book, A Profession of One’s Own, treated the Clinton family, Heard was asked by Bill Clinton to represent the practice as plans for ‘Hillarycare’ were being finalized. His attorney Steve Dickson, was flying him home from a healthcare meeting in Washington, DC. On the way to the capital from his home in Kansas, Dickson’s small plane developed problems so he landed in St Louis and rented another plane. That rented plane was the one that crashed in rural Virginia, killing both men.
– Jerry Parks, 47, shot to death, September 23, 1993. The head of security for Bill Clinton’s headquarters in Arkansas was driving home in West Little Rock when two men pulled alongside his car and sprayed it with semi-automatic gunfire. As Parks’s car stopped a man stepped out of the Chevy and shot him twice with a 9mm pistol and sped off. Despite several witnesses, no-one was ever arrested. The killing came two months after Parks had watched news of Foster’s death and allegedly told his son Gary ‘I’m a dead man’. His wife Lois remarried, and her second husband, Dr David Millstein was stabbed to death in 2006.
– Ed Willey, 60, suicide, November 29, 1993. Husband of Bill Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey, he was deeply in debt and shot himself to death on the day that his wife alleges she was groped by Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.
– Herschel Friday, 70, small plane crash, March 1, 1994. Friday was an Arkansas lawyer who Richard Nixon had once considered for the Supreme Court. Friday was known as a benefactor of Bill Clinton, serving on his campaign finance committee.
– Kathy Ferguson, 37, gun suicide, May 11, 1994. She was the ex-wife of Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, who was named in a sexual harassment suit brought by Paula Jones against Bill Clinton. Ferguson left a note blaming problems with her fiancé, Bill Shelton. A month later Shelton, upset about the suicide verdict, killed himself.
– Ron Brown, 54, plane crash, April 3, 1996. Brown was chair of the Democratic National Committee during Bill Clinton’s rise to the presidential nomination and was rewarded with the cabinet position. He was under a corruption investigation when his plane slammed into a mountainside in Croatia. Doctors who examined his body found a circular wound on the top of his head which led to suspicions that he had died before the plane crashed, but that theory was later discounted. The crash was attributed to pilot error.
– Charles Meissner, 56, same plane crash as Brown. Meissner was assistant secretary for international trade and had been criticized for allegedly giving special security clearance to John Huang, who later pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges for violating campaign finance laws, in a case that enmeshed the Clinton administration.
– Barbara Wise, 48, natural causes, November 29, 1996. Wise, who worked alongside Brown, Meissner and Huang in the Commerce Department was found dead at her desk on the day after Thanksgiving 1996. Her death was originally classified as a homicide but police later said Wise, 48, who had a history of severe ill health, had died from natural causes. A local TV station initially quoted an unidentified police source as saying her body was partially nude and her office was locked, but those reports were later denied.
– Mary Mahoney, 25, armed robbery, July 7, 1997. Mahoney was a White House intern during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. A lesbian gay rights activist, she never found herself troubled by Clinton, but she did take to counseling those who did. She was shot dead during a robbery at a Washington Starbucks where she worked. The case was ruled a robbery, but there was more than $4,000 in the cash registers in the Starbucks at the time and the money had not been taken.
– Jim McDougal, 57, heart attack, March 8, 1998. McDougal and his wife Susan were involved in the Whitewater real estate scandal that rocked the Clinton administration. They and the Clintons had invested $203,000 to buy land in the Ozarks but the venture failed and McDougal was convicted of corruption for borrowing money from his Savings and Loan to cover the cost. He died in federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas.
– John Ashe, 61, weightlifting accident, June 22, 2016. The Antiguan diplomat dropped a dumbbell on his neck and asphyxiated himself at his home in Dobbs Ferry, New York. He was due to stand trial for allegedly receiving $500,000 from billionaire real estate developer Ng Lap Seng who was involved in a scandal involving illegally funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic National Committee during Bill Clinton’s presidency.
– Seth Rich, 27, armed robbery, July 26, 2016. A rising star in the DNC, Rich was robbed at gunpoint after a night of drinking in Washington, DC. The robbers took nothing, leaving his watch and wallet after shooting him several times in the back. Rich had allegedly been involved in the leak of documents that brought down Hillary Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.
– Mark Weiner, 62, leukemia, July 26, 2016. Despite his condition, Weiner, a prodigious Clinton fundraiser, was due to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and was dressing on the day he was due to travel from his home in Rhode Island. But he suddenly felt ill and went to bed and never got up again.
– Victor Thorn, 54, suicide, August 1, 2016. Thorn shot himself in the head at the top of Nittany Mountain, Pennsylvania, on his birthday. He had written four books highly critical of the Clintons. He was also a Holocaust denier.
– Shawn Lucas, 38, unexplained, August 2, 2016. Just days before his death, Lucas, a process server had delivered papers to the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in Washington, DC, filming himself as he did so. He was found dead in his apartment in the city.

Twelve former bodyguards of the Clinton have died. By some counts, the Clinton Body Count is at 46.


Here’s Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Feeling Crotchety Edition


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