Jerry Mander – Trump As Nebuchadnezzer

Jerry Mander


Maybe Trump Really Is Nebuchaddnezzer After All

By Steve Deace at Conservative Review

It turns out those Christian leaders comparing Donald Trump to Nebuchadnezzar from the Bible were right after all. Just not in the way they intended.

In the Old Testament, the brutal Babylonian conqueror is first introduced as an instrument of God’s judgment against the immorality and rebellion of His people. In other words, God took off His belt with a buckle that had the name “Nebuchadnezzar” on it and regrettably told the Israelites “this is gonna hurt me more than it’s gonna hurt you.” What came next was a dreadful siege that cost the Israelites their homeland.

In similar fashion, this appears to be exactly what Trump is doing to the Republican Party in this election, and that’s according to the GOP’s own internal data.

Many, including myself, have already covered how the cowardice and fecklessness of GOP leaders the past few years created the environment which greatly aided the rise to Trump. A betrayed bloc of voters looked for a hammer to swing at a rusty nail, and thanks to all the unprecedented free publicity the mainstream media conveniently gave Trump, he was it.

Since Trump became the presumptive nominee in May, the public polling tended to show general election voters were drawing distinctions between Trump and down-ballot Republicans such as U.S. Senate candidates. However, the party’s internal polling shows those lines may be blurring as Election Day draws nigh. Trump’s flailing candidacy may be poised to lay siege to the Republican Party.

Look at Florida, where on October 11th a University of North Florida poll showed Sen. Marco Rubio “appears to be on his way to re-election” with a seven-point lead. But the GOP’s latest internal polling shows Rubio only leading within the margin for error, while also facing a vastly improved early voting performance by Democrats.

Rubio is not alone in this predicament.

Florida is just one of an astounding seven U.S. Senate races GOP internal polling has within the margin for error. It joins Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Hampshire, Indiana, North Carolina, and Nevada. In some instances, candidates such as Pat Toomey and Kelly Ayotte are out-performing Trump by double-digits to hold even slim leads.

But can those miniscule leads really hold at the same time GOP internal polling shows Trump is imploding down the stretch? Missouri is an ominous sign for Republicans in that regard.

Trump’s lead in the solidly-Republican state is down to a meager two points, according to GOP internal polling, and now Senator Roy Blunt’s lead is just a single point. In other words, Trump and Blount’s fates are likely intertwined.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is so concerned about how things are trending they just took out a $15 million loan to finance the final stretch of the campaign. That’s 30 percent more than the loan the NRSC took out for the 2014 midterms. And wait till you see the strategy they plan on deploying with that money.

Here’s what National Journal reported:

(The NRSC) is focusing its turnout efforts on identifying independent voters and Hillary Clinton supporters who could be persuaded to vote for Republican Senate candidates.
Obviously, there’s danger in working to influence those who are turning out for your opponent, for they could very well turn on you once they show up at the ballot box. When you consider Republicans are down to relying on the kindness of those supporting Hillary, you get a true picture of the dire straits the party finds itself in.

Election 2016 was eminently winnable if not for the GOP’s own treachery. Come November 9th, the finger-pointing for this lost opportunity will commence. And yes, the usual suspects of those who covered for and shilled for Trump despite the obvious conservative alternatives should be held responsible for the loss.

But let us not forget that if Republicans had kept their 2010 and 2014 promises to truly fight back against Obama, the environment wouldn’t have been there for a Trump in the first place. Instead, he would’ve been laughed off the stage like the carnival-barking con man he is.

So, yes, there really is a parallel between Trump and Nebuchadnezzar. Both were reactions to betrayals, and then used to lay waste to their betrayers.

Watch this video (3:38 m): How Would You Sabotage The GOP?
(I was unable to embed this video. It is worth watching!)

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