Jerry Mander – Tie Breaker Edition

Jerry Mander

Hat tip today to “Dr. Mc” for the theme!


Today, as the Electoral College votes, the question “How do you settle a presidential election when the vote is too close to call?” is pertinent.

The answer is: with an ice fishing contest in northern Wisconsin, of course!

After the first round of votes were counted, Old Hitlery*  and Donald were deadlocked.

Instead of going through a recount, they agreed to a week-long ice fishing contest to settle the election. Whoever caught the most fish at the end of the week would be the President.

The decided that a remote frozen lake in northern Wisconsin would be the ideal place. No observers on the fishing grounds, but both would need to have their catches verified and counted each night at 5 pm.

After Day 1, Trump returned with a total of 10 fish, Old Hitlery came back with nothing.

Day 2 finished, and Trump caught another 20 fish, but Old Hitlery once again came back with nothing.

That night, Old Hitlery and her cronies got together and accused Trump of being a “low-life, cheating’ son-of-a-bitch.” Instead of fishing on Day 3, they were going to follow and to spy on him and figure out how he was cheating.

Day 3 finished up and Trump had an incredible day, adding 50 fish to his total!

That night, Old Hitlery and her Democratic cohorts got together for the full report on how Donald was cheating. Old Hitlery stood up to give her report and said, “You are not going to believe this, he’s cutting holes in the ice!”

And this story, … tells you all you need to know about the difference between a successful businessman and a career government politican.

* Old Hitlery is a registered Trade Mark of the DNC and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of George Soros.


Another reason why in the next big earthquake, many hope that California will break off and fall into the sea – and a perfect example of why the Founding Fathers were correct in establishing the Electoral College:










A tip of the hat to “Max B” for these:





And now, in closing:


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  1. Very good my friend. Some great graphics! I think the last one says how I feel, I have lived thru Obama!

    Anyway, Merry Christmas…


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