Jerry Mander – The Stupid Party Now Owns The Obamacare Mess

Jerry Mander

The Obamacare Mess: It’s All the GOP’s

By John Hinderaker at Power Line

Donald Trump said in a recent press conference that he had inherited a mess when he became president. This prompted the usual howls of outrage from the liberal press, but I think it is fair to say that every president inherits a mess. It goes with the job.

In at least one respect, however, Trump inherited not just a mess, but a steaming pile of dung. In other words, Obamacare. Obamacare and its state variants are in a death spiral. Everyone agrees that something needs to be done, but that “something” will have to get past a Democratic filibuster in the Senate. Time will tell what emerges from the wreckage of Obamacare, but in the meantime, Michael Ramirez sums up superbly the situation in which Republicans find themselves:



GOP Wavering On Obamacare Repeal

Hold Their Feet to the Fire!


Contact RINO Ryan HERE

Phone Majority Leader McCarthy HERE
(McCarthy doesn’t accept e-mail from outside his District.)

Phone House Whip Scalise HERE
(Scalise doesn’t accept e-mail from outside his District.)

Contact Mushhead McConnell HERE

Contact the White House HERE

You can select either President Trump or Vice-President Pence in the drop down box. Write them both. Write this:
“Three words:
1) Repeal
2) Obamacare
3) NOW!”



Mushhead McConnell vs. Conservatives:







… Speaking of The Religion of Peace:






• The Mexicans Have Already Devised A Plan to Get Through Trump’s Wall


…  And now, in closing – Her first visit to San Francisco:


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  1. Great graphics today again SPOT ON!


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