Jerry Mander – Crazifornia: Out of Order

Jerry Mander


Republican State Senator Janet Nguyen (in pink, lower left), one of the very few Republicans in the California Senate, is forcibly removed from the Senate because the Tolrunt Libruls (® ™ DNC) didn’t like what she was saying about the late Marxist Tom Hayden.

Out of Order

Once again the Democrats expose themselves for being totalitarians at heart.

By John Hinderaker at Power Line

Something tells me that if California state senator Janet Nguyen were a liberal espousing the sacramental view of abortion or the fictitious evils of Jeff Sessions she would be an overnight sensation. As it is, Senator Nguyen’s removal from the state senate chamber when she sought to take issue with her colleagues’ recent tribute to the late Tom Hayden remains something of a secret.


California State Senator Janet Nguyen. Many Vietnamese now living in the U.S. are Republicans because they saw how the Democrats coddled the Communists, helping the Communists take over Vietnam.

Senator Nguyen is not inclined to forgive Hayden for his support of the Communists during the Vietnam War. She had some personal reflections on Hayden’s legacy that she sought to share with her colleagues. Seth Lipsky tells the story of Senator Nguyen’s suppressed speech in an editorial with the wishful headline “A star is born*.” I urge interested readers also to check out the video below.

Senator Nguyen’s removal appears not to be going down well in California. It is reported that the California Senate’s Rules Committee will investigate the matter. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon has gone so far as to say that Senator Nguyen’s removal was not one of the Senate’s finest moments.

Well, don’t keep it a secret. Please pass it on.

Be sure to read the New York Sun’s story about this.



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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever visit that state again. I’m kind of hoping a big earthquake will finally seperate the state from our union and float out to sea.

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  2. Thank you! Only God could straighten this mess of a state out!


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