Jerry Mander – Ditch Mitch Edition

Jerry Mander

Ditch Mitch-1

Mushhead McConnell stands in front of the stack of Obamacare regulations swearing to rip Obamacare out “root and branch.” He lied. It’s time to make him pay.

Action board

Ken Cuccinelli at Senate Conservatives asks us to join his organization in drumming McConnell out:

Senate Republicans failed to keep their promise to repeal Obamacare this week and have decided to drop the issue altogether.

It’s a total disgrace and Mitch McConnell bears the blame.

While the seven Republicans who opposed clean repeal should be held accountable, it was McConnell who created the environment that encouraged their betrayal.

His use of the party’s massive political machine to defend these senators in primary elections – something the party used to stay out of – has made them much less accountable to the Republican voters who elected them and much more willing to break their promises.

Both Lisa Murkowski and John McCain were protected from competitive primary challenges and they both know they will be protected again as long as Mitch McConnell is the leader.

Also, McConnell’s early decision to abandon repeal in favor of keeping some of the worst parts of Obamacare encouraged others to do the same. He will pretend that he tried to repeal the law, but the truth is that he gave up on that many months ago.

And finally, McConnell’s prediction that a bipartisan bailout for the insurance companies would occur if repeal were to fail also gave moderates a reason to hold out for something else. That was one of the biggest strategic errors we have seen in some time.

The truth is, McConnell began this health care debate with no endgame strategy for repeal. He was simply going through the motions to make it look like he tried. And now that his “Failure Theater” is complete, he wants to give up and move on.

It’s time for Senate Republicans to replace Mitch McConnell with a new leader who will fight for conservative principles.

McConnell lacks the policy convictions needed to inspire his colleagues to fight for something greater than themselves. That’s why he couldn’t get Republicans to do something they had promised to do for the past seven years.

He couldn’t get them to even vote for the skinniest of repeals!!

Ditch Mitch

Please stand up for conservative leadership in the U.S. Senate by signing the petition to replace Mitch McConnell.


If he isn’t replaced now, we will see many more Republican betrayals that prevent us from making America great again.


Tell McConnell off >>HERE<<



These turncoats need to hear from us! McVAIN extracted his revenge on President Trump for Trump saying during the campaign that McVAIN “isn’t a war hero.” McVAIN is never happier than when he is knifing his own party in the back.


Tell Alexander off >>HERE<<


Tell Capito off >>HERE<<


Tell Collins off >>HERE<<


Give Heller hell >>HERE<<


Sound off to McVAIN >>HERE<<


Tell Murkowski off >>HERE<<


Tell Portman off >>HERE<<



McConnell's Missing balls


McConnell's swagger




Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Moocher Edition



And now, in closing:

Had enough of the uniparty


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  1. Bud Sansbury 29/07/2017 — 09:54

    Politicians! the following warning should be on every ballot, regardless of party, office or region. BOHICA ALERT!!!(BOHICA translation: Bend Over Here It Comes Again) My apologies if the description is too explicit.


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  2. Kenneth Felton 29/07/2017 — 22:41

    McConnell is part of the unibrow party. He’s not incompetent, he’s purposely sabotaging Trump’s agenda.The seven backstabbers were openly #neverTrumpsters. The unibrow party takes their orders from the global plutocracy, not their constituents. They support open borders, cheap labor, bad trade deals, and disastrous foreign policies. They’re intent in destroying the working and middle classes by redistributing our wealth oversea so the plutocrats can profit from the transactions. They don’t want to put America first. As hillary said: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders”.
    And as Trump has said: Without borders we won’t have a Country.

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