Jerry Mander – How Can One Possibly Support Trump?

Jerry Mander

“I come to bury Cæsar, not to praise him.”


Trump the Patriot
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What follows is an e-mail exchange (which I have edited and expanded with some additional material) between two Physicians. One supported Trump, the other supported Hillary Clinton. We begin with the message from the Hillary supporter. The Trump supporters’ reply mirrors my own journey from being a Never-Trumper who walked into the voting booth intending to write Ted Cruz in for President, but at the last moment voted for Trump. Since the election, I have found myself increasingly in Trump’s corner. We begin:

“Trump is so disrespectful. He is so,, so full of s**t. He totally lacks class.
I just watched him on TV explaining why he didn’t say anything about the special forces killed in Niger.*

He is morally bankrupt! He has spent 1/3 of his days at golf courses or his property. He lies constantly: I mean really. He just plain makes things up. You have got to have put both your morals and your mind on hold to support this guy.

Sorry. I guess he just does to me what the Clintons did to you.
I just don’t understand why his first instinct is to make stuff up, which is verifiably wrong, and then have to go back and change his story. He’s a piece of work..”

General Kelly addressed the press about this on Thursday. He said that B. Hussein Obama didn’t call him when he lost his son. General Kelly also addressed the “he knew what he signed up for” comment.


I can answer the question “how can I support Trump?” in five words:

Trump. Is. Not. Hillary. Clinton.

That said, I will reply in detail.

Yes, Trump is crude, rude, uncouth and overbearing. That said, he has spent less time on his golf courses than Obama did and the evidence is that his golf outings are generally structured as working sessions whereas Obama’s were not..  The Obama’s 119 days of vacations cost the taxpayers over $44,350,000. Why do you give Obama a pass?

You mustn’t forget that until 2012, Trump was a life-long registered DEMOCRAT. His son and law, Jared Kushner, only changed his voter registration from Democrat to Republican in 2016. Trump was a frequent contributor to the Clintons’ various campaigns, to the Clinton Foundation and to your venal Senator, Chuck U. Schumer. So, in that context, how can I support him? I will list the whys:

You accuse Trump of making stuff up – but he has nothing on Hillary making stuff up:

“I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary” – when Sir Edmund didn’t become famous for his climb of Mt. Everest until 1953 when she was already 6 years old.
“I was under sniper fire in Bosnia.” – when in fact, she wasn’t.
• She lied about where Chelsea was in New York City on 9/11. She also lied and said that SHE was in NYC on 9/11, when in fact, she was in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a “Top Ten List of Hillary’s Lies and Deceptions

While we all have mixed views of Julian Assange, he is calling Hillary  out on her lies.

One thing I’ve learned is that when the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of something, that is a clear signal that the very thing they accuse the Republicans of is what is going on in their own tent:

“The War On Women”
(It has been going on for years, conducted by Democrats.)

Exhibit A : Franklin Roosevelt – multiple affairs, including arranging for five mistresses to meet at the same time with him at a country getaway.
Exhibit B: JFK and his brother Robert were notorious womanizers.
(There is the story of the unsolved murder of one of JFK’s mistresses HERE.)
Exhibit C: Lyndon Johnson prided himself on pining women against his desk in the Oval Office for sex.
Exhibit D: Ted Kennedy who got away with causing the death of Mary Jo Kopechne
Exhibit E: Wilbur Mills and “Fanne Fox, the Tidal Basin Bombshell
Exhibit F: Gary Hart and Donna Rice
Exhibit G: Former Congressman and Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner was sued by multiple women for sexual harassment
Exhibit H : Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, “Client 9” in a prostitution ring
Exhibit I: Anthony Weiner – sentenced to (only) 21 months in prison for “sexting” a 15 year-old child
Exhibit J: BJ Clinton, a serial rapist and molester of women:

• The reason he left Oxford is because he raped a young English woman and Oxford student, Eileen Wellstone.
• Dolly Kyle Browning – Clinton paid her “booty calls” over a 30 year period
• Sally Perdue – former Miss Arkansas, Arkansas State Troopers were used to arrange trysts between her and Clinton
• Susie Whitacre – a press aide Clinton had an affair with
• Connie Hamzy – propositioned by Clinton
• Juanita Broaddrick – one of Clinton’s several rape victims
• Sandra Allen James – Clinton pinned her to a wall and grabbed her vaginal area in 1991
• Kathleen Willey – Clinton sexually assaulted her when she asked him for a job on the same day her husband died.
• Christy Zercher – Clinton exposed himself to her and sexually assaulted her on a campaign plane
• Lencola Sullivan – a black woman Clinton was having an affair with during the Monica Lewinsky era

BJ and Lencola Sullivan
BJ Clinton and Lencola Sullivan

• Elizabeth Ward – actress and former Miss America who had a sexual relationship with Clinton
• Paula Jones – an employee of the State of Arkansas, Clinton pulled his penis out in front of her and asked her to “kiss” it.
• Gennifer Flowers – had a long-time affair with Clinton. He was married to Hillary the entire time.
• Regina Hopper – another woman who had sex with Clinton in State Trooper-arranged trysts while he was governor of Arkansas.
• Suzanne Coleman – had a sexual relationship with Clinton when he was Attorney General of Arkansas. She was found murdered with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. She was 26 years old and 7 1/2 months pregnant. Her death was ruled a “suicide” and an autopsy was not performed.


Suzanne Coleman – one of many “Arkancides

 • Marsha Scott – a White House staffer who had an affair with Clinton
• Elizabeth Hurley – an actress intimidated into an affair by Clinton when he was president
• … and, of course, Monica Lewinsky …
• … then there are BJ Clinton’s trips on notorious pædophile Jeffry Epstein’s plane, dubbed the “Lolita Express”
• … and BJ Clinton also chummed around with another pædophile, Ron Burkle
• … BJ’s sexual appetite produced a son by a black prostitute in Arkansas

In the same manner as Harvey Weinstein, Epstein and Burkle are big bundlers and contributors to (ahem) the Democrat Party. There is no doubt that the “War On Women” is being led and conducted by DEMOCRATS.

I'm with her

These three Democrats are Generals in The War On Women

If Hillary Clinton were genuinely an unrelenting defender and advocate of women and girls she wouldn’t have this bit of nastiness in her résumé:

“In 1975, before she married Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham defended a child rapist in Arkansas court. She was not a public defender. No one ordered her to take the case. An ambitious young lawyer, she was asked by a friend if she would represent the accused, and she agreed. And her defense was successful. Attacking the credibility of the twelve-year-old victim on the one hand, and questioning the chain of evidence on another, Clinton got a plea bargain for her client. He served ten months in prison, and died in 1992. The victim … has had her life irrevocably altered — for the worse. Sometime in the mid 1980s, for an Esquire profile of rising political stars, Hillary Clinton and her husband agreed to a series of interviews with the Arkansas journalist Roy Reed. Reed and Hillary Clinton discussed at some length her defense of the child rapist, and in the course of that discussion she bragged and laughed about the case, implied she had known her client was guilty, and said her “faith in polygraphs” was forever destroyed when she saw that her client had taken one and passed.”

Hitlery defends rapist

Hillary Clinton is nothing if not consistent: first she defends a rapist, then marries one and defends him. Yet the Democrats and their media lackeys say the Republicans conduct a “War on Women”?

The facts of this rape are horrible. Taylor and an accomplice brutally beat the child and the rape itself was described by medical examiners as being extraordinarily cruel even by rape “standards”. And Hillary Clinton laughed about getting Taylor a very light sentence. This is of a piece with the dark soul of Hillary Clinton that saw Ambassador Christopher Stephens beaten, burned, cattle prodded, raped and tortured to death in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton and B. Hussein Obama have the blood of the four Americans who died in Benghazi on their hands. How could you possibly support this woman who willfully allowed those four men to die? Help was just an hour away but Clinton and Obama ordered our military to stand down. When General Ham defied Obama and sent help anyway, Obama fired him. Obama couldn’t be bothered with the attack in Benghazi – he went to bed early that night to get up early the next morning to fly to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. What does it say about a political party with cold blooded people like Hillary Clinton and B. Hussein Obama as its leaders? What does it say about the condition of our country when almost half of the country supports people like Clinton and Obama. The answer to that question is bone-chilling and puts the future of this country in great jeopardy. And you support these people?


This is how Ambassador Christopher Stevens died. Hillary Clinton and B. Hussein Obama allowed this. Are you still “with her”?

Hillary Clinton ran the State Department as her personal Pay-to-Play operation. The unfolding Uranium One scandal is only symptomatic of her venal corruption – and you wanted her and BJ back in the White House? Really?


Yes, Trump is a brash, crude New Yorker. He has been married three times. But, it seems that with Trump, we have a Saul of Tarsus on the Road to Damascus conversion. While he conducts the Presidency like a bull in a china shop, there is also no doubt that he loves this country. He is a patriot – something that precious few in the Democrat party can say about themselves. In fact, the Democrat party makes no secret of its disdain for patriotism, for our Constitution and our founding principles. Rough and tumble as he is, Trump recognizes the things that have made this country great and he sees that his former political party is hell-bent on destroying those things. My question to you is: Why do you subscribe to a political party that has a truly totalitarian mindset and seeks to crush our Constitutional freedoms with an overbearing, crushing state? Why do you subscribe to a political party that has replaced God with the State? Why do you subscribe to a political party that seeks to create a permanent underclass dependent on government largesse? How could you have supported Hillary Clinton who claims Ku Klux Klansman-turned-Senator Robert Byrd as a mentor?


How do you square your professed Liberal (in the classical sense of the term) beliefs with a political party that:

• Defended slavery
• Led the rupture of the Union to form the Confederacy in its defense of slavery
• Formed the Ku Klux Klan
• Counts racist Woodrow Wilson as being one of its heroes**
Our military had been desegregated, but as president, Wilson ordered the military re-segregated and purged black workers from Federal jobs.

• Fought long and hard agains integration of schools
• Fiercely resisted the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964
• Was responsible for the Poll Tax in an effort to prevent blacks from voting.
• Had a president, Lyndon Johnson, who stated that his “Great Society” will “have them niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years“.

Let’s take a look at what Bull In The China Shop Trump has accomplished despite the best efforts of his former political party (and many Establishment Republicans including – especially – Mitch McConnell) to bring him down:

• He is notably trimming the growth of the previously out-of-control and unconstitutional Administrative State.
• Job growth – under Trump, consumer confidence is vastly increased and this more favorable business climate is creating jobs. You Democrats don’t like this – getting people off of welfare.
• Trump has suspended Obama’s ridiculous rules of engagement for our military, rules that was needlessly giving Islamic radicals the upper hand and causing needless casualties and deaths among our troops. As a result, ISIS is on the run.
• His order that for every new regulation, two must be scrapped is doing much to stimulate the economy by reducing the grip of the strangling hand of government on business.
• He was exactly right to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. Obama knew he would never get that through the Senate, so, typical of Obama’s lawlessness, he repackaged it as “Executive Protocol” when in fact, he illegally and unconstitutionally engaged us in a treaty. Trump recognizes that the Left worldwide is packaging a huge government power grab in the “Climate Change” package. Ditto the Iran deal. Trump is restoring the rule of law, in sharp contrast to the lawlessness of the Obama regime – and make no mistake about it – the Obama regime was lawless. Obama weaponized the Justice Department, the IRS and the EPA. Trump, to his great credit, is restoring the rule of law.
• His ending of the illegal and unconstitutional subsidies to the insurance companies to prop up Obamacare was PRECISELY the right thing to do. Typical of Obama’s lawlessness, Obama gave the insurance companies those subsidies in violation of the Constitution. The Executive cannot spend money. That is a function of the House of Representatives, signed off on by the Senate. Trump did EXACTLY the right thing in ending those illegal subsidies.


For more on what Trump has accomplished, please see these articles:

Trump’s Constructive Chaos by the esteemed historian and classicist, Victor Davis Hanson … Dr. Hanson also gives us this insight into Trump:
The Method to Trump’s Madness
Donald Trump – An American Patriot Of The Same Stripe As Ronald Reagan, by Roger Kimball … and another one by Roger Kimball:
Yes, Trump Is Winning
Trump – and Tocqueville? by Jean Yarborough
Trump Unravels Obama’s Imperial Presidency

As I wrote above regarding the “War On Women”, when the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of something, it is to deflect the fact that this is precisely what the Democrats are themselves guilty of. With that, we turn now to “Collusion with the Russians.” Well, well, well – the collusion wasn’t between Putin and Trump, but between Putin et al and – wait for it – Hillary Clinton and B. Hussein Obama:

Obama DOJ Blocked FBI Informant From Telling Congress About Corrupt Uranium Deal
Uranium One Means Mueller Must Recuse Himself From Russia Probe
Bombshell Revelations About Russia And Obama’s Department of Justice
The Clinton Cover-Up – Brought To You By The Same Guys Who Are Investigating Trump


Hillary Clinton: Uranium Saleswoman of the Century






In summary, the question is not “why do I support Trump?” but why do YOU support politicians and a political party that is hell-bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic and replacing it with what is nothing less than a Marxist dictatorship?

As one physician to another, I am writing this prescription for you:
Take this FREE online course on the Constitution at Hillsdale College. It is a sure antidote to the Leftist poison that has infected you.

Drug of Freedom


Steven Hayward’s
The Week In Pictures –  Continuing Liberal Freakout Edition




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  1. WOW a spot on post. Funny it is ignored by the Media! Funny NO! Just CRAP!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Len Dufresne 22/10/2017 — 03:57

    WOW WOW WOW.. At the risk of sounding obsequious this is, by far, the best summation of the Clinton Crime Syndicate I’ve seen. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bud Sansbury 22/10/2017 — 05:46

    Sorry for the late reply. The best summation yet.! Born in to an all Democrat family,but while in the Military less than a year, I was overwhelmed by reality and the transformation took place. I make no apology!

    I will Keep this until I can read all thee articles you mention. The motorhome is still in the shop here in Wildwood so I don’t have access to my computer all the time. Will be back on the eastern side of Florida by Tuesday…..I hope.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Great to hear from you, Bud!

      I came from a Democrat family, too. When I was 16, I read Barry Goldwater’s “Conscience of a Conservative” and J. Evetts Haley’s “A Texan Looks at Lyndon”. I have been a Conservative ever since …


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