No Israel For You!

No Israel for You

Israel Boycotts Back

Squad Goals: Israel Tells Omar and Tlaib What to Do With Their B(D)S
Bibi 1, Idiot Squad 0

emoji-laughing hysterically

No surprise here:
Squad agenda not Israel


Tlaib's grandmother


El Paso-Israel


'Rats-protected classes-Cummings-Omar


Vince Foster

Vince Foster Update:
Fox Medical Analyst – Epstein Autopsy Findings Sound “More Likely”
A Homicide To Me

Dr. Cyril Wecht on Epstein Death:
“Have Not Seen” Multiple Fractures in “Simple Leaning Into Suicide Hanging” In Over 20,000 Autopsies

Epstein's last visitors

Epstein cremated

Apparent suicide

Epstein death theories

Weekend at Killary's

Clintons-Beatles-Most+HitsClintons-personal safety

Hitlery-trigger happy

BJ-blue dress-Biden

BJ-Blue dress-Biden-Obama

BJ-Blue dress-Christie

Separated at Birth: Chelsea Clinton & Web Hubbell
… hmmm … Who yo daddy, gurl?

Separated at Birth-Web Hubbell-Chelsea Clinton




Trump might buy Greenland

Steven Hayward says “Yes to acquiring Greenland

“It is amusing to watch the reaction to Trump floating the idea of the U.S. buying Greenland. It’s not like we have never done such a thing before (i.e., Louisiana, Alaska), and while there were arguably constitutional defects with those acquisitions (especially Louisiana), just watch as Trump-hating liberals who ordinarily say our Constitution should be as “flexible” as Gumby and as “alive” as a mold suddenly become strict constructionists again.

I tweeted mischievously about the idea Friday:

Steven Hayward-Greenland

More here:
Trump Reportedly Wants to Buy Greenland for the United States

Trump-Greenland-DenmarkGreenland Fjord to Trump


'Rats and tolerance


… And now, in closing:

Trump accusers-no suicides


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  1. Eric Butler 18/08/2019 — 03:40

    These, Paul, are the best.


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