Gear Head Tuesday – Car Toons Edition

Gear Head

Evolution of the BMW kidney grille

BMW grilles out of hand


BMW-turn signal

Separated at Birth-Coach Spongebob

Separated at Birth Alfa SZ-Antearer

Separated at Birth – ’58 Packard Hawk & catfish

Separated at Birth-Packard Hawk_catfish

Separated at Birth – Lexus “spindle” grille & its designer

Separated at Birth-Lexus_designer

Separated at Birth - BMW and Fin Whale

And now, in closing – an early air bag prototype is ready for testing:

Air bag



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  1. Eric Butler 24/12/2019 — 02:44



  2. Gary Lindstrom 24/12/2019 — 08:18

    These are good. The Packard Hawk should have body color, not chrome, headlight rings. The new Lexus front end/grille reminds me of a full size 1961 Plymouth.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Marshall 24/12/2019 — 12:49

    I’ll take a 1961 Plymouth over ANY Lexus!

    Liked by 1 person

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