I am ’56 Packard Man, a.k.a. «Louis la Vache». This blog is mostly about cars, and mostly about Packard cars. My favorite Packards are the ’56 models. In the blog’s masthead photo is a ’56 Patrician Touring Sedan in Mojave Tan and Dover White. My other favorite cars are Studebakers, especially the ’53-’54 Commander Starliners, which I think is the most beautiful car ever built. About once a week, our friend “Jerry Mander” will stop by and trash the politicians and every Friday, «Louis la Vache» publishes The Friday Funnies.


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  1. So glad to see you back Louis!
    Yours was one of my favorite blogs!


  2. Looking forward to the Blog entries, that ’56 Pat, is beautiful.


  3. I’m glad you are back “on the air”!!


  4. Just cruzin’ down the highway of life. A Packard is the car to do it in!


  5. Welcome back into the ether, Louis!


  6. Nice to have met you yesterday.


  7. 56 Packard Man, My good friend GP Cox sent me to your site. You just may be my salvation. My father had 2 Packards, a ’37 and a ’39. I have a great picture of one of them, but I don’t know which year or the model and style. Can you help me?


  8. I found this article in an old ‘Saturday Evening Post’ and thought you might like it, but I left it sort of large, hoping you can read it. If it is taking up too much space here on your site, just delete it.

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  9. Great Blog, keep up the good work. I hope you don;t mind but I copied the article on Porche powered Studebakers.

    Matt for/ Studebaker of Australia


    • Thank you for your kind comments!

      I never object to any of my blog posts being posted somewhere else. My only request is that there is a link back to my blog.

      Thank you for carrying the torch for Studebaker in Australia! 🙂


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